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How often should I be getting a haircut?


Contrary to popular belief, frequent haircuts will not speed up hair growth. It is, however, important for maintaining the overall shape of the hairstyle. For example, a layered hair style may grow out of shape as the layers lengthen in time. For dry, damaged hair, it can also help rid of split ends for healthier-looking hair.

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So how often should you be getting haircuts?

For short lengths on men, a haircut is generally recommended every three to four weeks, while women with short or bob cuts may go for a haircut every two months or so. Meanwhile, a trim every three months is usually encouraged for medium to longer lengths.

Sometimes, it also depends on the customer’s original hair texture and volume. Once it grows too thick for comfort, it’s time for a haircut. However, these scenarios may also depend on the previous haircut. If it is done professionally, the hairstyle will be able to last longer – which means it will grow without losing much of its shape and style. If it isn’t done properly, the hairstyle may lengthen out of shape sooner than necessary.

What can a hairstylist do for you if you’re hoping to grow out your hair?

For me, I’d like discuss the target length that the customer hopes to achieve. From there, I’ll estimate how long it’ll take to achieve this length then advise on the overall style and frequency of haircuts or trims for the next few months, if necessary. If the customer is agreeable, we’ll proceed with the haircut according to his or her hair texture and target in mind.

The Expert

Steve Koh, Director Stylist of Number76 Singapore. Number76 is located at #02-23 Orchard Gateway.


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