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You may have heard several theories about when you should start using anti-ageing products and wonder when you should start changing up your skincare routine to suit the changes in your skin condition better. Here’s a theory according to Korean herbal medicine that you may want to consider.

Sulwhasoo’s Senior Associate Researcher and ASEAN Customer Research Manager Jean Choi explains to Daily Vanity, “According to the seven-year theory in traditional Korean herbal medicine, women experience physical changes every seven years.”

“The energies in the skin are thrown out of balance as a result of ageing. In particular, skin ageing begins at the age of 28 and accelerates around the age of 35, due to the drastic loss of balance. At the age of 42, ageing reaches the deeper layers of the skin.”

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This is the reason why if you study the skincare routine that Sulwhasoo advocates, you’d notice that the brand focuses on restoring balance to the skin and addressing ageing-related skin troubles, targeting those aged 28 in the early stage of ageing, through those aged 42 at the accelerated stage.

Jean shares these three tips to help improve an anti-ageing skincare routine:

1. Use a boosting essence in the first stage of skincare to increase absorption of subsequent products.
2. Use anti-ageing products for a sufficient amount of time.
3. Use anti-ageing products that benefit the skin’s health internally.

Jean recommends the Sulwhasoo 4th generation Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream EX for enhancing the skin’s regeneration and defence systems. The cream contains Compound K derived from ginseng roots and Ginsenoside Re from ginseng flowers, both of which rejuvenate the skin from within, addressing signs of skin ageing that encompasses loss of resilience, loss of radiance, tough skin texture and dryness.

In fact, this is one of Jean’s personal favourite products, which she professes she can’t live without. She uses it as part of her evening regime to give more nutrition to the skin.

Another Korean beauty secret: Using Korean ginseng on skin


If you’ve grown up in a traditional Asian family, you might have enjoyed ginseng soup or tea made by your mother to help boost your body’s immunity and energy levels. It might even have been a staple drink when you’re up late at night revising for your next major examination.

If consuming ginseng is good for our health, could it be good for our skin? The late founder of Sulwhasoo, Suh Sung Whan, asked this exact same question. And this is what prompted him to front the research of ginseng as a skincare ingredient 50 years ago.

Jean shares that the Sulwhasoo researchers studied every part possible of the ginseng plant – from roots to the top – so that they can examine the efficacies and effects of the entire plant part by part.

It is through this intensive study and countless of tests done that eventually led to the creation of the Sulwhasoo ABC Ginseng Cream in 1966. This was the world’s first ginseng-based cosmetic product and has inspired many other skincare products thereafter.

“However, Sulwhasoo did not rest on the laurels of an early success,” says Jean, “Research efforts continued to present greater perfection to customers. In 2016, Sulwhasoo presents the 4th generation Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream EX by upgrading Ginsenomics with the cutting-edge delivery technology and concentrated ginseng vitality.”

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Jean also explained that Korean ginseng contains two more types of Saponin and 40% higher Saponin content than ginseng grown elsewhere. This is why the brand only uses domestically cultivated Korean ginseng in their skincare products.

The Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream EX retails at SGD298 and is available at the Sulwhasoo Boutique (Capitol Piazza) and all Sulwhasoo counters.