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Our reader Kelly asked:

I have acne-prone skin and I face a dilemma every day: I want to conceal my acne with makeup so they don’t look red and obvious, but I feel that the more makeup I pile on my skin, the worse my acne will become. Is there any makeup that I can use that won’t aggravate the condition? What makeup tips do you have for people with acne-prone skin like mine?


This is a problem for people with acne-prone skin. You want to look better, but you’re afraid wearing makeup would aggravate your skin. We’ve enlisted the help from ettusais, a makeup brand that not only provides coverage, but also has healing properties for problematic skin.

1. Ensuring Healthy, Clear Skin

Have a skincare regime that suits your skin concerns. Moisturising your skin is essential before putting on any makeup and this doesn’t only ensure your face is kept hydrated, but it also helps your makeup last longer. ettusais recommends using their Acne Gentle Wash cleanser for acne prone skin. It removes dirt and excess sebum from the skin.


Our skin is unable to absorb moisture on its own. Therefore, you can use the ettusais Skin Version Up SUPER to absorb all the goodness of your moisturizer to lock in the moisture within your skin.

ettusais-Skin-Version-Up-SP2. Foundation

There are many types of foundations out there, with many finishes and formulas. Those with oily skin should opt for a liquid-to-powder type of foundation that will help to absorb excess sebum. For those whose acne-prone skin is caused by dryness, pick a gentle foundation that intensively hydrates. A lightweight gel or hydrating cream type would be best for those with rough of sensitized skin.

3. Concealer

Here is where I think most, if not all of us can benefit from. Instead of using a regular concealer, pick one that doesn’t only conceal, but treats your blemishes and acne scars as well. Containing anti-inflammatory ingredients, ettusais’ Acne Real Fit Concealer prevents and soothes acne while concealing it for long hours. A tip to applying concealer would be to dab lightly around the area of concern instead of applying it in a circular motion.


4. Acne-Treatment

Instead of just removing excess sebum, pick an acne gel that retains the skin’s natural moisture and builds its natural defense to fight acne bacteria on its own. The ettusais Acne clear Spots Superior allows you to use it to treat your acne, even when you have makeup on.


We hope this was helpful for those of you who have acne-prone skin in terms of what type of makeup to use, how to use them, and how to improve your skin’s condition in general. For more information, you can head over to ettusais’ Facebook, Instagram and website. You can also head over to their counters to talk to their beauty advisor on your skin condition and what would work best for you. The location of their counters are listed below.

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The Expert

Lydia, ettusais Beauty Expert who is in charge of the ettusais counter at Isetan Orchard (Wisma)