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We are familiar with the problems attributed to Singapore’s humid weather: Heading out with that killer hairdo, which unfortunately does not last throughout the day.

styling hair in humid weather

We feel you, that’s why, we got Dexter Ng from John Frieda’s Singapore House of Experts to share his secret to maintaining your mane the entire day (yes, you finally can). Dexter has worked with celebrities such as Jeanette Aw, Rebecca Lim, Stefanie Sun, and Julie Tan, just to name a few.

1. Protect your hair keratin

What is keratin? It is type of protein that makes the basic building blocks of your hair. This protein is produced by your scalp, and is what gives you strong and healthy hair. Something of such importance is often overlooked by many of us, and we often make the mistake of only caring for our hair, and not our scalp.

“While the scalp’s condition does not directly affect the quality of hair, subjecting your scalp to harsh chemicals can inhibit the production of keratin.” says Dexter. We are all guilty of putting our hair through lots of chemical treatments – dyeing, bleaching, rebonding, perming, the list goes on. While it does look good aesthetically, losing keratin isn’t worth it.

Keratin ensures that the hair is healthy and strong, which means a less porous strand of hair. Porous hair? It simply refers to the microscopic pores, or “holes” present on your hair. These “holes” enlarges with the lack of Keratin, which in turn makes your hair more frizzy. A more porous strand of hair allows more water molecules to enter the hair. These water molecules weaken hair, making it frizzy. Frizzy hair is hard to style and even harder to keep the style throughout the day.

Liese Blauné Creamy Foam Color - Golden Brown

Liese Blauné Creamy Foam Colour: Golden Brown

DV Recommends: Liese Blauné Creamy Foam Colour (SGD19.90). Instead of bleaching your hair and subjecting it to all kinds of chemical treatments, do it yourself with this DIY dye foam, which is infused with hair-protecting Silk Essence and moisturising Royal Jelly Extract to nourish your hair while colouring it. Most importantly. this gentler dye job doesn’t compromise on results and you can still look forward to vibrant colours. Liese Blauné Creamy Foam Colour  is available at leading pharmacies, personal care stores, and supermarkets in Singapore.

2. Seal in the “pores” in your hair

John Frieda's 10 Day Tamer Pre-Wash Treatment

John Frieda’s 10 Day Tamer Pre-Wash Treatment

Frizziness is something that cannot be avoided in Singapore’s humid weather, but it certainly can be reduced! Dexter suggests using John Frieda’s 10 Day Tamer Pre-Wash Treatment (SGD21.90) to fight the frizz. There’s no rocket science behind this ingenious product, it simply acts as a protective barrier around the hair and seals the pores of the hair. This prevents any water molecule from entering and weakening it, resulting in frizz reduced, tamed and malleable hair.

To show the prowess of this product, Dexter shares the story of his very satisfied client. “She used to come in every now and then to get her hair washed and blown. She finds it difficult to do so herself as she has really frizzy hair. So, I tried the product on her, and she loves it! She wanted to buy one immediately, but couldn’t since it was not yet launched. She got her hands on two bottles the moment it was out on the shelves. Since then, her trips to the salon has lessen…” says Dexter happily, unable to hide his enthusiasm.

You can find this product now at all Watsons, Guardian, Cold Storage, FairPrice Finest and FairPrice Xtra outlets.

3. Blow dry, not air dry

blowdry voluminous hair

“Blow drying your hair, when done correctly, is beneficial to your hair,” Dexter assures. Use a hair dryer with a cool setting and blow from your head, following the flow of the hair. This helps to “seal” the hair’s pores as well. Letting your hair air dry” is not recommended as the wind in the outdoor environment comes in all directions, and not in the optimum direction to “seal” your hair. Another reason why you should blow dry your hair is also because if you do not “seal” your hair before subjecting it to Singapore’s humidity, your hair will frizz up as explained in the previous tip.

4. Using the right tools

If you want to comb out your tangled hair, use a paddle brush. If you want to curl your hair, use a round ceramic comb. There is just one thing you need to avoid if you have frizzy hair: metal combs. Mr Dexter Ng states that metal combs causes the hair to lose electrons – or in layman terms, make your hair frizzy!

ghd Curve Creative Curl Wand

ghd Curve Creative Curl Wand

ghd Curve Soft Curl Tong

ghd Curve Soft Curl Tong

DV Recommends: the ghd Curve Creative Curl Wand (left) to create naturally textured and tousled looking hair, and ghd Curve Soft Curl Tong (right) for voluptuous and soft tumbling waves on long hair.

Both retail at SGD330 and are available in all Sephora Singapore stores, PREP, PREP Luxe, Salon Vim (313 Somerset), Shunji Matsuo (Ngee Ann City), Salon 360, Expat Hair Studio, and Salon Royale.

5. Lightweight styling

The last tip that Dexter shared was to go easy with the styling products. While you want to make the style last throughout the day, you also do not want to weigh your hair down with too much product.

eve shebang-a-bang dry spray wax

DV Recommends: evo shebang-a-bang dry spray wax. This incredibly lightweight dry spray wax is buildable and get this: not sticky at all. This means that you can be liberal with the amount of spray you use, without it weighing down your hair – trust us on this, because this writer tried it and can attest to this.