There was one point in time where ombre hair was the in-thing and everyone booked appointments to see their hairstylists to achieve an ombre look.


“Ombre” means having tones of colour that blend into each other, graduating from light to dark. Ombre hair usually starts out dark at the roots and lighter at the ends. But in this article you’ll start to see that people go crazy with this hair look by having multiple colours within their hair. Gosh, imagine the amount of bleach they had to put on their hair to get the colour to show up.

Although we don’t think we’d put our own hair through the bleaching process, here are 13 ombre hair we love (and wish we had the guts to do it for ourselves)!

1. Purple Dip Dye HairDip Dye_pink-hair-ombre


This just goes to show that even when you have dark hair, you can achieve the dip dye ombre hair. The bright purple colour at the ends make such a statement.

2. Subtle Brown & Red Ombre HairDip Dye_ Red Brown


This is a little more subtle than the rest. Although it’s not exactly crazy, but it is quite a bright red- especially at the ends.

3. Pink & Purple Ombre HairDip Dye_Pink to Purple


Who says ombre hair looks better on caucasians?

4. My Little Pony-esque Ombre Hair

Dip Dye_Little Pony


Doesn’t this remind you of My Little Pony?!

5. Purple & Lilac Ombre HairDip Dye_Purple ombre


Dark purple at the roots, fading out to a lilac at the ends.

6. Grey-blue Ombre HairDip Dye_Light blue ombre


One of our favourites! This is such a unique colour to have on your hair. It reminds us of Storm from X-Men. She doesn’t necessarily have white hair- but it’s more of a greyish white with a tint of blue. If you look at the picture closely, you can see that her hair at the roots already has some greyish-blue undertones to it, which makes it a nice gradual change in colour towards the end.

7. Cotton Candy-esque Ombre HairDip Dye_Cotton candy


Cotton candy, anyone?

8. Blonde, Blue & Green Ombre HairDip Dye_Light blue to dark blue ombre


9. Blue To Green Ombre HairDip Dye_Blue to Green ombre


This is a really cool ombre hair look. It starts off with an electric blue, fading into a green and then to almost a neon yellow. Imagine having blue-green hair!

10. Pink & Blue Ombre HairDip Dye_Pink to Blue ombre


11. Purple, Green & Blonde Ombre HairDip Dye_Purple to blue to blond ombre


Absolutely LOVING the lilac at the roots. The colour combination here is so pastel and pretty. It flows so nicely and the texture of her hair pulls it all together. It’s like a My Little Pony but a beach chic version.

12. Purple, Blue & Green Ombre HairDip Dye_purple to blue to green ombre


Now, this hair reminds us of Monsters Inc.


But again, despite the loud colours, it flows seamlessly.

13. Green To Blue Ombre HairDip Dye_Turqoise


Last but not least, this beautiful sea- green colour to a turquoise. Honestly, if this writer were a mermaid, this would be the hair she’d ask for whenever she makes a trip to the underwater salon.

Which one was your favourite?

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