Wearing a moustache is a tricky task. You need to grow, shape and upkeep your facial hair regularly. If you’re thinking of growing a moustache – whether it’s for Movember or to change up your style – but are having second thoughts because it looks complicated, this article is for you.

Step #1: Toolkit, ASSEMBLE!

Behind every well-crafted moustache is a hardworking set of tools. You need the following basics:

  • Safety Razor (or razor if you know how to handle one)
  • Small Grooming Scissors
  • Small Comb
  • Shaving Cream
  • Moustache Wax
  • Moisturiser

Step #2:  Start with a beard

It’s advisable to completely grow out your facial hair. If possible, let your beard grow out to its maximum length. Sure, you may get stopped more often for security checks (believe me I have been stopped multiple times because of my beard) and get turned away from a kiss by your girlfriend/wife, but when you finally achieve your desired moustache, all that pain will be worth it.

Step #3: Time to Craft

Source: tweezerman.ca

Source: tweezerman.ca

Before you begin, make sure you have good light and a mirror. Comb your facial hair, wet your face slightly, then place shaving cream on your facial hair.

Now that you’ve prepped your face, start by using your safety razor to remove unwanted portions of your beard and moustache according to the style you wish to have. If you’re not sure what style to go for, you can choose from any of these 10 moustache styles here.

With a rough shape emerging from your first shave through with the razor, you can now begin the fine work of snipping off errant hairs and defining your moustache with your pair of grooming scissors. A general rule of thumb is that your moustache hair should not go beyond your upper lips. Trim first for shape, then work your way out from the middle out towards one side, then return to the middle and work your way out to the other side.

Step #4: Finishing Touches

Source: telegraph.co.uk

Source: telegraph.co.uk

Now that you’re done with shaving, you need to take care of your skin. It’s important to wash off all the leftover hair from your face. Dry your face, then use moisturiser to keep exposed skin supple and smooth. At this point, you can style your moustache anyway you want using your moustache wax.

There, all done!