shorthair brides

shorthair brides

It’s not uncommon to hear brides-to-be fussing over the need to grow out their hair in time for their wedding day. But who says you can only get married with long, luscious locks cascading down your back (or in an elaborate updo)? With sites like Pinterest and of course, Daily Vanity, you will realise that you can do so many different hairstyles with short hair! Here are seven of our favourite hairstyles for short-haired brides.

1. Headband

Hairstyles for Short Haired Brides_hairband


Putting on a headband is the easiest way to accessorise and give your hairstyle a little bit more “oomph”. Brides-to-be with pixie cuts, bobs, or even curly, textured bobs can use headbands. Pick a nice intricate one that goes well with your dress, and you’re good to go! It doesn’t have to be incredibly big in size, even a simple headband with sweet ivory rosettes would do great.

2. Halo Braid


The halo braid requires you to braid two small sections of hair from each side of the head and join them together at the back. This will create the look that the braid goes all the way around the  back of your head. It’s best to give some texture to your hair if you want to do this hairstyle. Doing that will add a little bit more volume to the hair. And besides, the messy braided look is very on trend at the moment.

3. Flower Crown

Hairstyles for Short Haired Brides_flowercrown


Calling all the hipster brides! Who needs a tiara when you can wear a flower crown on your wedding day? It’s quirky, it’s fun and when arranged properly with the correct flowers, it can look very sweet.

4. Sleek Bob

Hairstyles for Short Haired Brides_sleek bob


Sleek bobs are always known to be very “harsh”. It can make someone look like they’ve just stepped out of a Matrix movie. But don’t be afraid to sport a sleek bob on your wedding day. All you have to do is accessorise!

Hairstyles for Short Haired Brides_sleek bob 2


But you know, if your theme is that you stepped out of a Matrix movie, then go for it.

5. Styled Pixie

Hairstyles for Short Haired Brides_styled pixie


Making the decision to get a pixie cut can be one of the biggest decisions in a woman’s life. With a pixie cut, you’re kind of limited to the certain hairstyles you can do or try. Nevertheless, if your wedding day is tomorrow and your hair is still a pixie cut, all you have to do is style it. Styling it is a pretty vague term, right? Well styling a pixie requires you to add in texture and “movement” into your hair.

Some brides leave their pixies styled without any accessories, and they still look sweet on their wedding day. And there are brides who choose to put a headband, flowers, or even a headpiece.

Hairstyles for Short Haired Brides_headpiece pixie


6. Vintage Side Swept with Hairpiece

Hairstyles for Short Haired Brides_side swept with headpice


This hairstyle gives more of a vintage look. Think of The Great Gatsby movie. All you need is a curling iron (if you have naturally straight hair), and a pretty headpiece to complete your look.

7. Side braid/side twist

Hairstyles for Short Haired Brides_side braid


This would look great with short tousled, hair. Do a small braid and pin it to the side of your head! The twist works the same way, except that, well, you twist the hair instead of braiding it.

Do you feel like cutting your hair now? Cause we do!

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