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Research by Catherine Toh

updated french mani

Timeless and classic, french manicure is a nail look that has stood the test of time. Not only is it a favourite among brides, it is also seen frequently on the runway.

But if you’re getting a little bored over the pink-and-white prim-and-proper look, here are nine inspirations for you to give the french manicure a little twist:

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matte and shiny french mani

#1: Play with textures

A matte-and-shiny french mani presents a effortlessly chic monochrome look that works for most occasion. We’re in love with this black ensemble with its intriguing contrasts.


zigzag french mani

#2: Bend the rules

Instead of a clean, straight line, which looks safe and boring, explore other geometrical possibilities. The zig-zag line is our favourite because it is easy to pull off, and gives a rebellious edge to this all-time classic.


nail art french mani

#3: Playful tips

Get creative and swap up the monotonous white tips with some art. Adding adorable pandas, for instance, will definitely turn your nails into a conversation-starter.


ombre french mani

#4: Go ombre

If you still prefer the standard pink and white look, consider giving it a makeover with this ombre repertoire. Simply use a sponge to lightly dab the two colours to blend them out ofr an interesting look.


embellished french mani

#5: Dress ’em up

Rocker chicks are going to love the example we’ve found, which features a black base with silver stud embellishments. This is definitely a good way to dress up an otherwise mundane look.



glitter french mani

#6: Glitz and glamour

An easy way to glam up the french manicure? Add glitter. Get those shimmery tips on and be ready to paint the town red.



reversed french mani

#7: Flip it over

Be a total rebel and try this reversed French. Go all over with your favourite colour and paint the base of your nails white.




#8: Sticker it up

Get some help with nail stickers by cutting them into perfect moons for the tips of your nails in place of white. Polka dots and colourful stripes will both work beautifully. That’s not called cheating – that’s playing it smart.



dripping french mani

#9: The fear factor

Last but not least, when we talk about creative french manicures, who can forget those nails that the Prabal Gurung’s models strutted out with for his Spring 2013 collection? Those pretty nails are dressed with tips that looked like dripping blood, which we think aren’t just perfect for Halloween, but will really make a cool everyday look.


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