Adam Lambert was recently in town for his concert and while he typically has no association with Daily Vanity’s topic of interest (that’s “beauty”, by the way) but it got us wondering if his signature guyliner (guy wearing eyeliner) will ever be embraced by our men.

adam lambert guyliner

The look can be a little “goth” if you decided to do it on both the upper and lower lash lines, including smudging it further around the eyes. If this is not a look you’d like to embrace, then we have tips to offer to make guyliner more wearable:

1. Apply only to the upper lash line.
2. Tightline! This means applying the eyeliner only between the lashes to “fill in” the lash line, so it looks fuller.
3. Make sure the eyeliner used is waterproof to avoid smudges.
4. To balance out the look, remember to fill in brows to make brows look more lush.

If done right, we believe this can help guys subtly achieve the appearance of brighter eyes. And then, you may be ready to take on the next trend – manscara!

But all in good fun, we decided to put Keith through the guyliner “challenge”. This is his transformation:

guyliner singapore

Let’s see how we got him there:

wearable guyliner

Using a pencil liner, we lined very closely to his upper lash line. Because Keith has monolids, the line has to be slightly thicker (see above, photo 2). The result (see above, photo 3) is the look of thicker lash line.

serious guyliner

Then we decided to up the challenge. We lined his lower lash line as well, and then, using a brush and black eyeshadow, we apply above the eyeliner on the upper lash line to create the smudged effect, and using a soft brush, we smudge the liner at his lower lash line too. Finally, we filled in his brows to balance out the contrast.

Keith says: My eyes felt like tearing when Juliet applied the eyeliner. I guess this is how most ladies feel when they put eyeliner on for the first time. It’s not easy to carry off this look, so it is a “nay” for me. With a little more foundation to look fairer, I think I will look like I was part of the Twilight cast.


What do you think of the look? If you’re a woman, what would you think of men who wear guyliner? If you’re a man, would you ever try it? Tell us!