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katy perry music video

Katy Perry’s music videos are out of this world – and we’re not just talking about one of her greatest hits, E.T. She’s also known to have awesome makeup looks in most of her videos, some of which can be recreated for an everyday or party look. Here are our seven favourite ones seen in Katy Perry’s music videos!

1. Sprinkle of Glitter


Definitely not an everyday look, but it’ll be perfect for a party! It’s fun and bold, and will definitely make a statement. Be sure to use proper cosmetic glitter, or a glitter eyeliner! As an adhesive, you can either use a primer or even better, a glitter eyeshadow glue that Too Faced Cosmetics carries.

2. Modern Pin-Up


This was one of Katy’s first music videos, and honestly, it is a stunning look. Katy’s known for her pin up girl image, enhanced with bold winged eyeliner and neutral eyeshadow. In this video, she wore gold eyeshadow with subtle definition in the crease and a bold winged liner. Finish off the look with some berry lips, which is actually one of the trends for Spring 2015! (Read: Usher In The New Year With The Top 10 Makeup Trends of 2015)

3. No Makeup Makeup


It’s all about keeping it very clean with this makeup look. Just define the brows and the lashes by putting on a few coats of mascara, bronze the face up little and add a peachy pink blush for a healthy glow.

4. Berry Lips with Olive Smokey Eye


Another way for you to rock the berry lip! Sweep an olive coloured eyeshadow all over the lids with subtle crease definition and line your eyes. Make sure your brows are on point for this look to balance out the eyes.

5. Hot, Hot Pink


If berry lips are not your thing, why not try hot pink? Pink lipsticks somehow make you look more youthful and it can instantly perk up your look. The eyeshadow that Katy has on in this video is of a pinkish-champagne shade that always works best at making you look more awake. The statement eyeliner is optional, but who can say no to a cat eye flick?

6. Orange you glad you met me?


Really. Orange you glad you met us? Bright orange lips are definitely not for everyone. But this writer thinks it will suit those with yellow undertones or any girl who’s confident to rock a bold look. And yes, we can see that Katy really loves some bling on her eyes.

7. Red Metallic Lips


The focus of this look is the lips. It’s such an interesting shade! It’s clearly a red lip, but at the same time it has a metallic effect to it too. It almost looks like it’s a foiled lipstick of some sort. To achieve this lip colour, put on your favourite dark red lipstick. But wait! To add in the metallic-y element that Katy has in the If We Ever Meet Again music video, grab a gold eyeshadow and gently dab some of it at the centre of your lips. This will also create the illusion of juicy, kissable lips!