Forget the negative space and shattered glass nail trend for now – the hottest nail trend is the bracelet nail art, where you can, literally, wear those friendship bracelets on your nails! As with the former two trends, bracelet nail art is also created and popularised by nail genius Park Eun Kyung, a Seoul-based nail artist. To create the bracelets the authentic way, the way Park does it, use real strings and charms –  loop the metal charms and circles around the string, and then place it on the nail using tweezers. She also adds rhinestones for a more sophisticated look.

This new trend is so pretty there’s no reason not to try it – except that you may need the luxury of time, as it may take a long time to get your nails done (if you’re going for the authentic look). If you can’t afford the time, you can always opt for ‘stickered’ options!

Here are five styles we’ve handpicked to get you inspired!

Using real strings and charms may take a longer time, but will prove to be worth it.

Combine bracelet nail art with negative space nail art for a more sophisticated look!

Go for stickers if you do not have the time, but want to try out this new trend!

Using a combination of stickers and rhinestones works well too!

You may also try using chains and dangling charms for an elegant look.