What better way to show off your new shoes than with brightly coloured toe nails? While minimal colours were all the rage last year, this year seems to be all about fun and vivid neons, and our nails are no exception.

Give your nails some TLC with a visit to your favourite nail salon, or snag a deal with our Salon Finder to get glam for less. Below we have gathered some of the most Instagrammable nails on the net for every occasion to show your nail technician, so you can look stylish everywhere you go!


As much as we love vibrant shades, some of them can be too OTT for the office. Instead, choose muted shades of your favourite colours, like light blues, oranges, and pinks, and refrain from large nail stickers or gems to pare down the look to remain professional yet trendy at the same time. Here’s some inspiration.


Graphics galore

On the other hand, if multicoloured nails just aren’t enough for you, go big or go home with graphics, glitter, and gems! Choose from designs below that feature adorable daisies, animals, rainbows, and your favourite cartoon characters, and wait for the compliments to roll in.

Mix and match

Not such a fan of bold prints? You can still achieve the same look by mixing your favourite neons together, and even try experimenting with ombré or tie-dye patterns with similar shades for a cool new look!

Dainty designs

Who says bright colours can’t be elegant? If you prefer a more wearable, refined look to suit the rest of your look, lean into this trend with dainty designs like blue butterflies and pastels first so you can flaunt your new nails in your new favourite pair of shoes too.