From cooking and baking to tinting our brows and making our own face masks, we’ve been keeping ourselves busy in 2020. Well, here’s another that you can try experimenting: butterfly nail art!

Whether on nails, tattoo or jewellery, blue and purple butterfly motifs have been taking over social media this year. While the butterfly nail design trend is spotted on almost everyone on Instagram, we know we can count on the Koreans to make it ultra-dreamy and utterly desirable.

Check out the 16 butterfly nail manicure that we’re currently swooning over. Plus, we did the legwork and found the prettiest butterfly nail stickers that you can buy and try the nail art for yourself! Enjoy!

The butterfly nail designs that we love

1. Milk tea matte

The matte nude shade, paired with purple butterflies on certain fingers, is unexpectedly fresh and elegant.

2. Elegant French

Every now and then, your classic French mani can use a simple yet impactful twist. Butterfly nail sticker it is this year.

3. White hope

We can’t get over this gorgeous combination of fresh white manicure and blue butterfly wings.

4. Tiny & Red

Keep it dainty in size but bold in colour with this combination of transparent nail base and small red butterflies dotting the fingers.

5. Pearl wonder

Pearl manicure is cool, but pearl manicure with butterfly accent is cooler.

6. Neon fantasy

Pearlescent nails with tiny neon butterfly decals? Out-of-this-world beautiful.

7. Glitter party

Take a leaf out of legendary style icon Iris Apfel’s book and go the maximalist way with this glittery manicure accented with butterfly motif. As Apfel puts it, “More is more and less is a bore.”

8. Pink & blue

The trending nail art becomes even more enchanting when combined with this year’s popular smudged nails.

9. Silver diamond

Too many diamonds and butterflies can look gaudy, but not if you can strike a balance like how this manicurist did here.

10. Colour me purple

Amp up your girly factor with lilac nails topped with purple-hued butterflies.

11. Cool green

Keep it soft and clean with this grey-green and blue butterfly combo.

12. Pop of yellow

Your nails will be bursting with life with this combination of lively matte yellow and blue butterflies.

13. Little luxuries

The addition of blue butterflies and mini rhinestones turns simple white nail from simple to luxurious.

14. Miss sweetheart

Level up your nude manicure with a splash of millennial pink and sweet butterfly motifs.

15. Colour play

Give your digits a fresh update with colourful mini butterflies on transparent base. And if you think it looks stunning now, wait until you see it under the sun!

Where to buy butterfly nail stickers


2. Shopee