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Mixing and blending lip colours in a palette like a (lip) painter is possible now that the Pony Effect Customizing Lip Palette dropped!

The Pony Effect Customizing Lip Palette by South Korean makeup artist and YouTube sensation Pony is really like its fitting tagline says: “like you’ve never seen before”. It’s unique because it’s a lip palette with a mixing zone in the middle where we can choose from five cool, warm, and neutral lip colours, and five base colours to mix and blend with using the enclosed dual-brush. The dual-brush is on one end your standard lip brush and on the other end a silicone angled tool for scraping up the lip colours from their pans. It also consists of a mirror and a thumb slot for a better grip like a legit painter!

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There’s so much to gush about the individual colours themselves! Apart from being split into two sets of colours – one eccentric and the other boldly feminine, the lip colours are individually named, too, and let’s just say that with this particular lip palette, we can literally be a mixture of sexy and bubbly, or even angelic and sensual.

The tone and hue colours when added to the base colours result in personalised shades that look richer and bolder. The base colours are more pigmented than the tone and hue colours because the latter are adjusting colours with which a little goes a long way in altering the look of the base colours.

We are also happy about the avocado oil and macadamia seed oil components of these lip colour formulas, which give them a moisturising effect that doesn’t sacrifice pigment! Pony Effect even blessed us with a mixing manual that comes with the product, illustrating exactly how to achieve a variety of different shades by blending specific ones together in appropriate ratios.

Many reviews and tutorials on this lip palette are already populating YouTube so you can see how the lip colours and actual mixing look like in real life. Here’s one:

Even though it currently isn’t available in local stores, it can be ordered on Zalora for SGD57 or at a cheaper price on Shopee at SGD51.90.

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