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If you’ve been keeping up with recent makeup trends, you’ve probably noticed some China makeup transformation videos going viral on social media. And with good reason too! The huge before and after difference simply highlights the power of makeup.

These viral videos are actually part of a larger makeup trend that is circulating Asia right now, called ‘Sculpting Makeup’. As the name suggests, women actually sculpt their face using heavy contouring, makeup tape, and even a prosthetic nose

If you’re really curious about some of the best transformation videos that are claimed to be almost as good as plastic surgery, continue scrolling because we have 10 of the most crazy transformations that will leave you absolutely stunned.

With over 828 thousand views, this video remains one of the most watched makeup transformation. If you’re looking for tips to slim down a round face, this video, in its extremity, might just offer helpful tips for you.

Of course we cannot not mention Qi Hua Hua. After all, her viral video kick-started this trend and we can just see how much fun she is having with her makeover.

I know what you’re thinking: Wow. With a few deft touches, this lady completely reshapes her facial structures and leaves you wondering how.

Whether you’re at home or in a park, transformation can take place anywhere. You have to admire her for filming this outdoors if nothing else.

Age is clearly just a number. This lady transforms herself to a spunky, vibrant girl once again, and it certainly feels rather nostalgic, doesn’t it?

You know, videos like these are empowering sometimes, because you never know that the cleaning lady can actually transform into a hot chick at the night club.

From the start to the end, I bet that this video will leave your mouth gaping even after watching it for the 10th time. The makeup is applied so skillfully that it’s hard to remember how this lady looks like at first.

Once again, we are reminded that anyone can transform into their favourite pop star, model, or in this case, celebrity makeup artist. Though not exactly alike, the resemblance is definitely uncanny.

Here, we have another helpful video on slimming down a round face. Fortunately, this lady’s contouring is something we can totally emulate and hey, you got to admit a round face adds a youthful radiance.

This video takes makeup transformation to its extremity by turning a black face (literally) white again. While we’re not encouraging anyone to change their skin colour for any purpose, it is certainly amazing to know that with makeup, you can really be anyone you want to be.