Crocodile Skin Nails

Crocodile skin textures look good on accessories and apparel – but who knew it can look so good on your nails too. Best part? You can enjoy the gorgeous look without harming any animal.

Crocodile skin nails are one of the trendiest manicure looks this year and we’re so glad it’s in vogue. The timeless look can go from serious to sexy, depending on how you wear it. (Tip: it looks especially outstanding on long nails!)

This style is better done by your favourite nail technician, so be sure to run it by your preferred nail salon or check out major deals on nail salons and book your session in advance with the Daily Vanity Salon Finder.

If full-on crocodile is too intense for you, try a toned down version while still remaining on trend with brighter colours like white, pink, or blue.

Or, combine this with one of the biggest nail trends of 2020, the clear acrylic nail.

An alternative way to make this look more work-appropriate is to go for a shorter style, so your nails still look stylishly edgy without being impractical and hard to match.



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