Cancer (Jun 22-Jul 22)

You’re protective about the ones you love and spend most of your time with them. Your tough appearance hides a soft disposition that people mistake sometimes as being moody. But really, you’re just sensitive and empathetic.

YOON EUN HYE 2014 (3)

Your Eyeliner Horoscope: The puppy eyes look, much-loved by Korean makeup artists and celebrities, can help reconcile your appearance with your personality. Here’s the difference between a typical cat eyeliner look and the puppy eyes look:


Drop that tough cookie facade and embrace a tender appearance with this eyeliner look, which gives a cute and approachable impression. This is how you achieve it:

korean puppy eyes tutorial


Leo (Jul 23-Aug 23)

You love being the centre of attention and enjoy people showering compliments on you. A natural leader, you have no qualms making decisions, and you make them quickly.

artistic eyeliner look copy

Your Eyeliner Horoscope: The competitiveness in you is always up for a challenge, and we’re challenging you to trying an artistic eyeliner look. This looks complex but still wearable, and you’re sure you’ll be in the limelight with a look like this. We’re sure you can achieve it by following these steps:

artistic eyeliner look step by step

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22)

Perfectionistic, you sometimes give yourself a hard time because you are your greatest critic. You have an eye for details and it gives you a sense of achievement to see things get organised.

geometric eyeliner


Your Eyeliner Horoscope: That perfectionist in you will find a lot of joy trying out geometric eyeliner looks because while you obsess over getting both sides perfectly symmetrical, you’ll get a great sense of achievement when you do. Here’s a tutorial to help you along:

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