dressing table

Our vanity tables aren’t just where we store our beauty products, but are where we spend a lot of time at, dolling ourselves up. Spicing up the outlook of our vanity area can definitely lift our spirits. Here are seven that we love that hopefully can give you inspiration to transform your vanity able your dream one.

1. The Secret Makeup Storage Vanity Table

Ideas for Vanity Table_hidden practicle


If you’re all about practicality and keeping your table neat and tidy, this vanity table idea is the one for you. When you’re not using the makeup, the table is just a table. But when you bring up the hidden storage, you have all your makeup there and a mirror! And when you’re done, just close it up, and you’re good to go.

2. The DIY Vanity Table

Ideas for Vanity Table_essiebutton


Essie Button is a Canadian beauty vlogger who’s currently residing in the UK. Her boyfriend DIY-ed the vanity table for her and there’s even a video to demonstrate how to achieve it! Although it takes a lot of effort, it would be worth it to have a vanity table that suits you.

3. The Monochrome- Black, White & Silver

Ideas for Vanity Table_Black White Silver


You can never go wrong with black, white and silver.

4. The “Space Constraint” Vanity Table

Ideas for Vanity Table_HangingSource

Space constraint? Try this vanity table idea! Hang your chair instead of tucking it under the vanity table- that’s placed right in the middle of the wall. This way, you won’t have to deal with a lot of furniture.

5. The Display Vanity Table

Ideas for Vanity Table_Display


If you keep your makeup collection incredibly neat, then you can choose to display it. Not only will you be able to locate what you need easily, you also get to show off your stash to visitors.

6. The Pastel Vanity Table

Ideas for Vanity Table_Pastel


Installing a large table means that your vanity area can double up as a work area. Dress it up further with some fresh flowers.

7.  The Classy, Slightly High Maintenance Vanity Table

Ideas for Vanity Table_Classy


Purple hues and a mirrored vanity table. It’s a classy style for a sophisticated girl. The only down side? You have to make sure it’s cleaned regularly and you have to keep it fingerprint-free!