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It’s the time of the year to do spring cleaning again. It can be quite a chore, but cleaning and tidying up our year-old clutter can actually be quite therapeutic. And perhaps, the most enjoyable thing to spring clean will be our vanity because we get to unearth and discover “new makeup”. As for those that are buried knee-deep in dust or are living way past their expiry dates, chucking them away and making space for future ones can make us extremely happy.

This year, instead of just tidying and clearing, have some fun by giving your vanity a makeover. Here are some tips to get you started:

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1. DIY Your Vanity Notice Board


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Put your everyday makeup on display by making this simple makeup magnet board. Wrap a metal sheet (or try old metal baking pans and trays!) with fancy paper or pretty fabric using hot glue or strong adhesive tape. Then, attach magnets to the back of your makeup and voilà, stick them on!

2. Hang Your Vanity On The Wall



Stick on some hooks on the wall and hang a shoe organizer. But instead of shoes, fill those pockets with your many eyeliners, blushers, lipsticks etc. These pockets are usually big enough, so you can categorise your entire makeup stash… Or maybe not.

Alternatively, install a towel rack and hang some little metal pails. These can hold your most loved possessions and at the same time, spruce up your room too.

3. Miniature Vanity Drawers



You know those pull-out boxes that you get from purchasing stuff? Instead of chucking them away, stack them up to create your very own miniature chest of drawers and neatly organise your makeup according to its type. Or if you have an empty shelf below your table top and some open boxes, slot them in and ta-dahh! You get your own drawers! Make sliding the boxes in and out easier by making a slot in the front and securing a loop made from elegant ribbons.

4. Making Cakes Out of Your Vanity


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Turn to the kitchen for some whimsical organise-spiration! Use a three-tier stand or a bundt pan to hold your makeup pieces instead of cake. Otherwise, place them on a fancy tray and make them Instagram-worthy!

5. Spice Up Your Vanity



Install your spice rack in your bedroom instead of kitchen and fill it with rows of beauty products. This is especially great for nail polishes because you get to see all the colours at one glance. OCD girls will definitely appreciate how we can arrange them according to colours and shades.

6. Plant Your Makeup



Wall planters can turn a room sleek, feminine or minimalistic. Instead of holding the leafy ones, put your makeup in them. Since they are hanging on a hook or attached to a wall, this frees up some space on your vanity table too.

7. Letter Rack for Palettes



We usually stack our palettes but when we have one too many, going through the whole tower becomes quite a “chore”. To solve this, get a letter rack, place your palettes upright and sift through them easily. The dividers in-between allow you to organise them according to types and shades. And if your tower of palettes is quite impressive, get a plate tray instead!

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