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Just like how fashion trends come and go (remind us again, what are origami skorts?), so do hair colour trends. Everyone has his or her own opinion about what colours go best with what skin tones. But in this article, we try to give you some tips on the what’s and why’s of matching the two, with inspiration from our favourite Asian celebrities.

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Oriental Black

Black in general is a great colour for all Asian skin tones! But if you are blessed pale, porcelain-white skin, it will work especially well in bringing contrast to your features.

Celebrity Inspiration: Fan Bing Bing


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For the ladies with relatively fair skin with a natural tinge of pink to your cheeks, try going for pastel, candy-coloured hair. The colours will complement your natural blush.

Celebrity Inspiration: Wendy Cheng aka Xiaxue


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Dark Bases with Dark-Coloured Highlights

If your skin is a slight copper tone, a full black dye will not stand out as much. Try streaks of highlights (light brown, olive, dark green) through your black or dark brown tresses to bring more depth to your hair.

Celebrity Inspirations: Jamie Chung, Aimee Song


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Earthy Shades

For ladies with medium brown skin tones, opt for earthy brown colours a shade lighter or darker than your skin tone to bring a little contrast. You should also try to avoid hair colours that are too bright, such as blonde or any colours with a yellow base.

Celebrity Inspirations: Neelofa Noor, Maya Karin



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Reddish Shades

For those with a dark brown skin tone, reds are a good choice. Depending on your level of comfort, you could go full redhead, or settle for highlights on a more conservative dark brown or black base.

Celebrity Inspirations: Katrina Kaif, Aishwarya Rai


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