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What hairdo best suits my face?

This is by far one of the hugest and most pertinent questions that plague guys and girls alike whenever we decide to get our hair done. It can be a huge hassle having a horrid haircut that does nothing but accentuate all the wrong angles. The worst part? Hair takes a pretty long time to grow and there are few and little ways to hide it.

Daily Vanity understands this problem, and because we are all about offering you the best solutions for your daily beauty migraines, we have decided to take on a new series, which teaches you to: first, know what face shape you have, and second, recommend hairdos that best suit your face shape. 

which haircut suits your face


For the first article of this series, we will first be delving into what many deem as the most problematic face shape – the round face.

If you have a round-shaped face, it means that the dimension from the outline of your face to your nose is the same all around.  Individuals usually have rather full cheekbones and a forehead and jawline that is comparatively narrower in nature. While some may lament that round faces are unattractive, we beg to differ! Miranda Kerr has a round face, for instance!

It’s all about styling your hair the right way. Read on to see some of the hairdos that best suit this face shape!

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1. Side Part Loose Bouncy Curls


Get Mindy Kaling’s look by adopting a side parting with curls to soften and frame the edges of your face. Paired with long loose curls, this will allow your face to lose a little of that roundness and get a considerably angular look. 

2. Off Centre Parting (Mid Length)

kirsten dunst hair style


Many individuals with round faces usually avoid the centre-parting like the plague. Surprisingly, centre-parting is not a straight no for round-faced individuals. Kirsten Dunst’s off-centre parting pulls the focus away from the fullness of her face. With round faces, it is a good idea to have light wispy hair that will frame the sides of your face, hiding the roundness of your cheeks.

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