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If you’ve been checking out video tutorials for Halloween makeup inspirations, you may notice many vloggers opting for stage makeup or special effects makeup that you don’t see yourself investing in – because there’s simply no other occasion you may re-use them!

Unless you’re planning to paint the town red with an impressive look, go for products that you can still wear from day to day – it’ll definitely give you more mileage and bang for your buck. Need some ideas? Here are Halloween must-haves to arm yourself with:

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1. Blendable makeup pencils

halloween look with veins


Makeup pencils are usually highly blendable and can be used on any part of your face – it’ll take you as far as your creativity! The reddish-brown pencil that you usually use on your lips can be used to draw veins under your eyes, or create wound marks, and the white pencil that you usually save for brightening your eyes with can now be applied all over your face to look paler.

etude house play 101 blending pencils

Try: Etude House Play 101 Blending Pencils (SGD16.90). In 25 shades and three finishes (creamy, powdery, glossy), these makeup pencils are versatile enough to be used on any part of your face so you can get creative with them! Containing silicon resin that forms a film over skin to protect makeup so it won’t smudge of fade, they make the perfect products to wear for a fun night out.

2. Dramatic mascara

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Whether you’re going as Harley Quinn or a gory doll, mascara that gives a dramatic effect is your best friend for the parties you’re attending. False lashes may be troublesome to put on and risk falling off mid-party. A good mascara, on the other hand, amps up your eye makeup without any discomfort.

maybelline falsies push up mascara

Try: Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama (SGD21.90, but at a promotional price of SGD19.90 in October). The newest mascara from Maybelline promises to give you the #pushupeffect – on your lashes! It is designed to give a 45° volume lift, thanks to the cup-shaped bristles of the brush, which lift lashes from root to tip. The ophthalmologist tested formula also ensures it is suitable for contact lens wearers.

3. Glitter powder

fairy look for halloween


If you’re intending to dress up as a whimsical fantasy character such as a fairy, mermaid, or Elsa the snow queen (is that still a thing?) then glitter shadow is going to be a good product to invest in. When you’re not dressed for Halloween, it can be used on the centre of your eyelid, on top of your regular eyeshadow, to add more dimension to the look. You can also use it to line your bottom lash line for a glamorous evening look.

burberry shimmer dust

Try: Burberry Beauty Shimmer Dust (USD22). In two brilliant shades – gold and black – this shimmer powder is inspired by the sequins seen on the clothing at the label’s Fall 2016 show. Designed to be worn on the face or body, it has a shine that will draw light to it to deliver an outstanding look. Wear it on the eyelids, cheeks or even lips for a magical look. This is available on net-a-porter.

4. Matte lipstick

halloween vampire look


Matte lipsticks are great because they don’t transfer easily and generally stay on longer than lipsticks with glossy finishes. A dark matte lip look also create a more ominous-looking impression – if that’s what you’re going for. The good news is matte lipsticks are all the rage now, which means you can definitely continue using the new matte lipstick you’ve bought for Halloween after the party!

clinique matte lipsticks

Try: Clinique Pop Matte Matte Lip Colour (SGD35). While typical matte lipsticks leave lips looking and feeling parched, these lipsticks have non-drying formulas that soften lips while delivering great colour payoff. The built in primer seals in moisture on lips and provide a suede-like matte finish that looks flattering. It comes in seven beautiful shades, including shades of nude, coral, red and plum.

5. Effective makeup remover

creepy doll halloween makeup


Last but not least, remember to take it all off at the end of the party! Sleeping with your makeup on is going to give your skin problems, and this is why you should always remove your makeup before you turn in, no matter how tired you may be. To save your time and encourage you to remove your makeup, get a makeup remover that feels good on the skin and removes makeup quickly.

NIVEA White Oil Control Make Up Clear Micellar Water, $9.90 for 200ml

Try: Nivea White Oil Control Make Up Clear Micellar Water (SGD9.90). We recommend using a micellar water because its no-rinse formula means there’s no need to double cleanse. This particular one delivers a clean and refreshing sensation, and also gives oil control and brightening benefits to skin. Containing no alcohol and mineral oil, it removes makeup effectively and leaves your skin feeling fresh and ready for your evening skincare regime.

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