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With Halloween just round the corner, many are getting ready to sport the scary look from top to toe! Even if you’re not intending to dress up for Halloween, you can still get into the Halloween mood with these nail looks. The looks can range from really scary ones to something cute. Here are 17 looks that you can consider:

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1. Funky skulls

Here’s a video tutorial to help you sport that look!

2. Ursula the sea witch

Doesn’t this just remind you of her?

3. Slimy and gooey

4. Cheeky skulls

5. 3D monsters


6. Blood splatter

7. Halloween elegance

8. Night has fallen

9 The witch and the pumpkin

10 Spookily majestic

11. Candy corn nails

12. Web trap


13. Pretty scary

14. Too cute to scare

15. The gory

16. Witches’ glory

17 Watermarble swirls

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