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Halloween is here again, and just a scroll through YouTube shows many crazy looks that would make you look like you’ve walked out from a Hollywood horror movie. It would have been great to recreate these looks for ourselves, but the money invested into buying the materials and the precision taken doesn’t really make sense if we’re only doing it for Halloween itself.

If you’re still keen on joining in the fun without having to splurge money and time, here are some easy, watered down Halloween special effects you can possibly go for:

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1. How to create bruises with makeup

This tops our list for two simple reasons. One: it just involves creating the bruised effect on top of your usual makeup routine, and the results are spectacular for this little effort required! Two: it doesn’t require additional materials (as long as you have a trusty black, pencil eyeliner and red lipstick).

2. Create the mystical look with highlighter

In 2016, the highlighter was perhaps the most raved about item in the beautysphere. What better way is there to pay homage to it than to flaunt it during Halloween? Besides, almost all of us have splurged on ridiculous highlighters like the rainbow spectrum one, which honestly, can’t be worn on normal days without judgment.

3. Create tear-stained face with smudged makeup using makeup

If you’re attending a party or intending to visit USS’s Halloween Horror Nights this year, this look is perfect for you. The focal point of this look are the black streaks that is supposed to mimic smudged eyeliner or mascara when you cry, which means you won’t have to worry about it when it REALLY occurs in the humid Singapore heat! In fact, the more smudging that occurs, the more it accentuates the look. Also, it’ll be a great time to bring out those makeup items that don’t work for you: that pencil eyeliner that promised to be smudge proof but is not, that foundation that oxidises into a greyish film…

4. Create the “sewn on” look with face paint

This YouTuber used black face paint to outline the look’s details, and orange face paint to draw on the scarecrow’s nose. While face paint can be found cheaply, if you want to use whatever you have on hand, you can also use a black eyeliner and pink lipstick as substitutes.

5. Create wrinkles and look older using makeup

Again, this look uses everything that you already have in your makeup bag. While it doesn’t require much precision, it still needs a good amount of time for the details and blending, which is why this look is at the bottom of our list. However, if you do have time, go for it!

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