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Halloween is coming! Everyone is scrambling to find the perfect costume and we bet majority of party-goers will turn up as a haunted student, nurse or maid. If you want to wow (or scare) the crowd, try adding some details to enhance your overall look. The best way to do this for beauty junkies? The zipper look of course!

We’ve sourced seven zipper looks, complete with step-by-step tutorials for you to try out; that is if you don’t freak yourself out in the process!

1. The Universe Inside

Make your fellow party-goers dizzy with envy with this galactic look. If you have an extensive range of shimmery eye shadow colours and a good face primer, you will find that you won’t require any additional materials to create this look.


Tutorial by Maria Grazia Mua.

2. Opened Zipper Eye

The classic zipper eye is extremely easy, and at the same time helps you bring emphasis to your eye makeup if that’s your forte!

looks by lucy

Tutorial by LooksbyLucy

#3 One-Eye Zipper Look

Differing slightly from the one above, this zipper look encompasses a whole eye, helping it contrast against the other normal eye.



4. Zipper Mouth

If you’re not too keen on having your whole face plastered with paint, try doing this zipper mouth look, as it confines the painting required to the mouth area.


Tutorial by TheNessyMonster

5. Unzipped Zipper Face

The makeup artist used liquid latex in this tutorial, but it is a rather expensive investment that you are unlikely to use again. You can tweak the tutorial by completely omitting the parts using liquid latex, but you wouldn’t achieve the “splitting skin” effect.

dried split face

Tutorial by BeautifulYouTV

6. Exposed Brains Makeup

The makeup artist in this video used a piece of plastic brain, but we doubt that’s easily available everywhere. Try laser-printing a picture of brains as a substitute.


Tutorial by iwanted2c1video

7. Glittery Zipper Face

If you’re not into the whole gory affair, try this colourful glittery look! We foresee it going perfect with a unicorn horn or clown suit.


Tutorial by Irishcel507