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If you’ve watched Suicide Squad in the theatres recently, you may probably have fallen in love with one gorgeous and twisted character: Harley Quinn. In fact, the character is so intriguing film makers are contemplating a spin-off around her. While Daily Vanity isn’t quite equipped to provide you with a commentary on the show, we can definitely share with you some of our favourite nail designs that are inspired by Harley Quinn.

Show the one that caught your eyes to your manicurist, or if you’re crazy enough, try to do it yourself!

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1. Pop art style
harley quinn nail look 1


This adorable look is great if you want to channel the comic geek in you.

2. Artistic

harley quinn nail look 2


If you (or your manicurist) are good at free-hand drawing, flaunt it!

3. Classic

harley quinn nail look 3


We love this because it will make sense for many different occasions – including the Casino Royale-themed dinner party you’re going for.

4. Sassy

harley quinn nail look 4

Grow out your nails, trim them to look sharper, and get this playful look on them!

5. Crazy

harley quinn nail look 5

Go all out with this insane look that is bound to turn heads.

6. Everyday look

harley quinn nail look 6


This is perfect if your dress code doesn’t allow you to get too funky with your nails.

7. Matte-ness

harley quinn nail look 7


Consider a matte look that adds a sinister touch to the design.

8. Embellish it

harley quinn nail look 8


If you’re up for embellishment, this is a design to consider.

9. Easy peasy

harley quinn nail look 9

Looking for something you can possibly do yourself? Here you go!

10. Another understated look

harley quinn nail look 13


Here’s another simple look to try.

11. Intricate

harley quinn nail look 10

If you have a meticulous manicurist, this will be up her alley.

12. Eye-catching


This is an eye-catching look that will make every Harley Quinn fan swoon.

13. Bring on the glitter

harley quinn nail look 12


Everything looks fancier with some glitter.

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