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You probably match your shoes to your dress, but do you try to make sure your lip colour goes with your dress as well? Think about it: do people spend more time looking at your face and dress, or your dress and shoes? This is why making sure that you’re lip-colour-and-dress-coordinated is so important. We have five celeb-inspired tips that will help you make a go at this look. You’ll definitely be spending less time before the mirror wondering if you look put-together.

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1. Go all matchy-matchy


If you’re wearing a dress in a single colour of red, pink, coral, plum – that will also look flattering on your lips – go ahead and get totally matched-up with your dress.

2. Match your lip colour to one part of your outfit



Gone were the days when you had to match your lip colour with your dress, nail colour, and bag. Nobody can get away with doing this without alarming the fashion police. Instead match your lip colour to just one prominent shade on your clothes and see the difference it makes!

3. Pick an in-between shade

lily collins elie saab


If your outfit has many colours on it, decisions on which lipstick to wear can get a little confusing. Try this the next time: Pick a colour that plays on the same colour palette as the key colours on your dress and you are good to go!

4. Do not be afraid to use lip tints

Jun Ji Hyun


If you are keen on matching lip colour to outfit colour but are still on the fence about it, use lip tints to experiment! Lip tints are a lot more forgiving and easier to wear, so using them will ease you into the process.

DV Tip

Instead of applying directly from the product, dab the tint on with your finger using a gentle patting motion so you can control the intensity of the colour by applying less or more of the product.

5. You’ll not go wrong with nudes

zhang zi yi


One more way for you to try matching your lip colour to your dress? Go with nude. You can never go wrong with it. Just remember to fill in your brows properly to frame your features, and dust on some blusher to bring glow to your complexion.

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