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Short hair, don’t care? Not really. The eight styles we are about to show you will make you change your mind about this and you’ll stop saying “I can’t do anything with my short hair” from now on.

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1. Channel the rock chick in you

pixie cut styling

One haircut, two distinctive looks – both super cool. Watch how this YouTuber styles her pixie cut:

2. Get curly-wurly

pixie cut curled

You don’t have to stash your curling iron away now that you’ve chopped off your locks. The heating tool can still help you achieve beautiful curls on your short hair, which doesn’t just make it look more voluminous, but add a playful touch to it. See the tutorial here.

3. Embellish it

emma watson pixie cut hair clip
Emma Watson is probably the best celebrity muse for short-haired girls. We love how adorning her hair with a jewelled clip makes the look more red-carpet-appropriate.

4. Put a band on it

pixie cut with hair band

A cute way of dressing up pixie cut is to put on a head band. It doesn’t just make the look more feminine, it also is a good way to cope with awkward lengths (you know, when you want to grow it out and don’t want to trim the really untidy mane yet?). See more great ideas here.

5. Tuck it in

pixie cut hair scarfAlso great for awkward lengths, this is a great way to dress up your hair. This retro-inspired look gives you an excuse to add more scarves to your wardrobe, which can also be used to dress up your outfits or to keep you warm. See the full tutorial here.

6. The wet look

emma watson pixie cut wet look

We are referencing Emma Watson again, because she is indeed THE role model for the pixie cut. To make your hairstyle look sleek and chic, the wet look is a great option.

jennifer lawrence pixie cut wet look

If your hair is a little longer or if you prefer that it has a bit of a pouf, refer to the style Jennifer Lawrence had instead.

7. You’re allowed to braid

braided pixie cut1

If your fringe is long enough, you can even braid it! Here’s a tutorial that shows you how to:

8. This unique style is possible too

evan rachel wood pixie cut

If you hate braiding, try this style seen on Evan Rachel Wood. It is so easy, anyone can achieve it with some time and a lot of bobby pins. Read tutorial here.

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