If you are familiar with Coachella, a music festival in the USA, you may know that the event is also associated with casual, boho fashion and looks that are absolutely suitable for warmer climates. Wearing flowers in the hair is one of the coolest trends seen at the festival. You may be thinking, “I’m not attending any event… anyway, isn’t wearing flowers kind of weird?”
We promise these ideas and tips we are about to share will intrigue you. Keep an open mind and read on!

 1. Great for everyday wear

For people who are on the fence about investing in real flowers, you can opt for rubber bands with fabric flowers instead. They are fuss-free with an infinite shelf life, perfect for first timers to explore this style! You can purchase this hair accessories from www.lazada.sg (price range starts from just SGD3 and they’re really cute!)

View the video below for your everyday look inspiration!

DV Tip: Get an elastic headband instead of a rubber band! The longer band will give you the flexibility to either tie your hair with it, or use it as a headpiece.

2. Fresh, bold-coloured flowers to complete nude makeup

head side flower


The colour and size of flower matters! Believe it or not, this is Georgia May Jagger at the 2015 MET Gala, wearing flowers in her hair to complete the look. The cluster of flowers has a big contrast to her understated makeup and completed the look perfectly, much like how a bold-coloured lipstick would have made this look pop.

DV Tip: Chill your flowers before you wear them. Placing freshly-cut flowers in water and refrigerating overnight makes the buds look fresh and crisp the next day. To optimise this effect, only take them out from the refrigerator at the very last moment you want to put them on.

3. Spruce things up with flowers

vanessa hudgens


Vanessa Hudgens captured our hearts completely in High School Musical over a decade ago. The actress can occasionally be spotted donning flowers in her hair to complete her look (during High School Musical 3, the theme for her look was Floral). At the Video Music Awards, she added small pieces of flowers in her braid to jazz them up. You can do the same with fresh flowers too.

DV Tip: To make your own floral bobby pin, simply cut the stem off your (real or fake) flower, and with a very sharp needle and some thread (the colour should be the same as the flower petals), stick it through the flower’s bud through the gap in the bobby pin and then back into the flower’s bud again. Be careful not to poke yourself!

4. Add flowers for elegance

Position them right


Adding flowers to a bun adds a touch of elegance to the look and is great for a bridal event, garden party, or if you wish, even a regular date.

DV Tip: Positioning of the floral accessory is important. Generally, you want to place the flowers low or around the ears. Remember that adding flowers means adding extra volume and length to your head. If you have a small head, stick to medium-sized flowers to prevent them from overwhelming you (remember, the overall star is still YOU). If you already have a long-shaped face, instead putting a flower at the crown of your head, you can put it at the side head to avoid further elongating your face.

Examples of bad vs good positioning:



Another great tip for you: If you don’t want the stems to show when you put them in your hair, use nail polish shade that is closest to your hair, and paint the stem with it.

5. Lastly, if your male friends are interested too…

guy with beards


This was trendy for a while but is probably only great for an event where you play dress-up, such as a Halloween party.


Flowers are pretty on the outside, and also on the “inside”. If you don’t know which flowers to choose (because they are all gorgeous), perhaps you can choose them based on what they mean!
Apricot rose – Desire, admiration, modesty
Camellia – Gratitude
Daisy – Innocence and purity
Gardenia – Secret love
Ginger – Strength
Hibiscus – Delicate beauty, sensitivity
Jasmine – Sensuality
Pink rose – Friendship, admiration, happiness
Red rose – Passion, love
Tuberose – Forbidden pleasures
Violet – Modesty, faithfulness
White rose – Purity, secrecy, spiritual love