Why use one eyeliner when you can use two? Get creative with the different eyeliners that you have and you’ll realise you can really have lots of fun with them. Here are a few dual-eyeliner looks that we created:

Differing top and bottom lash line

The first trick is to line your top and bottom lash line with eyeliners of different colours. In this look, we used a shimmer purple liner on the top lash line, and an aqua eyeliner on the bottom lash line.

We used: Clio Eye Love You in #18 Night Navy for top lash line, and Silkygirl Funky Eyelights Pencil in #03 Sky Blue


Whether they’re complementary colours or contrasting colours, they’re going to make your eyes stand out. Because they don’t take up as huge an area compared to eyeshadow, you can practically not go wrong with any colour combination, so go ahead and experiment.

Double Wing Eyeliner

If a winged eyeliner look is sexy, then a double wing is sexy and a little cheeky.

In this look, we used a black eyeliner to do a regular winged eyeliner look, and then another wing in deep red on top. As for the bottom lash line, we used black too. We recommend a darker shade closer to the lash line (and the same colour on the bottom lash line), and a brighter shade on top for the second wing.

We used: Burberry Eye Definer in #1 Midnight Black closest to the lash line and Clio Kill Blood for the second wing

Duo Wing-Open

Duo Wing-Close

To pull off this look, we’d suggest that you use two eyeliners that are very precise and smudge-proof. That way you can create two perfect wings that have clearly defined colours

Ombre Eyeliner

Remember our ombre lips article? Apply that same idea to the eyes!

In this look, we used a champagne colour in the inner corner of the eyes (for both top and bottom lash line) and then it fades into brown. It makes the brown looks like it has a bit of a 3D shine.

We used: Clio Gelpresso Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner in #13 Bloody Sweet for the inner corners and Bebe Poshe Dazzling Eye Pencil in #2 Metallic Copper for the outer corners.


Unlike the previous look, it’s best if you use two eyeliners that can be easily smudged and blended so that the gradient looks more seamless. Try colours that are complementary, for instance, blue and purple, pink and red, orange and yellow.

Which is your favourite look?