Korean makeup trends have influenced us greatly, due to the popularity of Korean drama, idols, and makeup brands. Instead of looking to the trends that you see at fashion weeks of the Western world, you’ll get ahead of the style pack with knowledge of Korean makeup trends.

And if you are all about straight brows, dewy skin, and “puppy eyes” that the Koreans are known for – take note – these trends will no longer be relevant in 2016. Cat Koh, global trainer of Korean beauty brand, Laneige, shares with us what she sees in 2016 through her beauty crystal ball.

1. Goodbye dewy skin

korean dewy skin

In 2015, Korean makeup pioneers the creation of the look of dewy skin with the help of the most trendy makeup product this year: BB cushion compacts. The standard to uphold was the appearance of skin that looks hydrated and glowing, but not oily.

…hello, matte complexion

korean matte skin

In 2016, the trend will shift towards matte complexion. However, instead of the traditional matte look that can seem cakey, this new definition of matte complexion emphasises on exuding the appearance of skin that’s hydrated on the inside, but matte on the outside.

What this means: Investment in good skincare is key because your complexion has to look moisturised without the help of light-reflecting dewy makeup products. You’ll also need to invest in more powders than creams, and a good primer that will keep your makeup intact all day.

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2. From “puppy eyes”

korean puppy eyes makeup

A unique Korean makeup trend, the “puppy eyes makeup” look goes contrary to conventional eyeliner rule of flicking the end of the line upwards. Instead, the line is drawn downwards to meet the lower lash line. This eyeliner look is designed to make its wearer look more youthful, cute, and approachable.

…to feminine cat eyes

korean subtle cat eyes

The cat eyes look will dominate the Korean makeup trends in 2016. However, don’t expect to see fierce feline flicks. Instead, the cat eyes you’ll see are subtle, with just a small peak at the end of the lash line. The lines will also not be long.

What this means: Most makeup users are more familiar with doing a cat eye flick, and many struggle with trying to get the puppy eyes look right. Thankfully, the cat eyes is back so you can do what you’re probably better at. The good news is also that cat eyes look flattering on most wearers, even if you’re a makeup novice.

3. Out with long upper lashes

long upper lashes

Long, natural-looking lashes were the focus for the eyes in 2015. The look makes the eyes seem larger, brighter and more awake.

…in with curled lower lashes

curled lower lashes

Next year, the lower lashes will take the centre stage as far as eye makeup is concerned. Voluminous, curled lower lashes are what makeup artists will try to achieve on their clients, framing the eyes even more, so they look more defined and adorable-looking.

What this means: You should start looking for mascaras that can be applied easily onto the lower lashes (goodbye thick mascara wands!) and consider electric lash curlers that work on the lower lashes.

4. No more straight brows

straight korean brows

“Straight brows” are synonymous with Korean makeup this year, and is arguably the trend that has been picked up most in this part of the world.

…you’ll see rounder-shaped brows

rounded korean brows

Korean makeup still wouldn’t be embracing the high-arched brows that the Westerners prefer. In 2016, Koreans will abandon the straight brow look and favour a more rounded shape. The rounder-shaped brows will make features look more feminine and delicate than before.

What this means: For your next brow embroidery appointment, ask your artist not to go for the straight brow look. Instead, simply do a touch up of your natural brow shape. This way, you can try the rounded brow look at home with makeup before you decide if it is for you.

5. Instead of vivid, neon lips

neon lips

This year, the two key trends for Korean lips makeup are probably ombre/gradation lips and neon lip colours. The latter will no longer be trendy next year.

…usher in moisturised, bright lips that look thinner

bright lips

Instead of thick, luscious lips, the trend next year will feature moisturised lips that look thinner, dressed in bright lip colours that aren’t neon.

What this means: If you still own many neon-coloured lipsticks, don’t be too quick to throw them out. Consider if any of them can be applied with perhaps, a duller shade, to tone down the neon colour, and into a unique colour that you like.

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