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Lipsticks are tricky to pull off at work. It is tempting to dab on that extra colour on your lips to wrap up the whole look every morning, but tons of considerations are playing that push-and-pull game in your head. Alas, we (almost always) end up leaving house with a bare lip.

This article hopes to get you inspired enough to start dabbing on that rouge for work. Some colour on your lips has various benefits, from helping your outfit stand out, brightening up your complexion, or simply showing your mood for the day. Need some ideas to get cracking?

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1. Dark Red (Matte)

What this goes best with: understated cheeks and eyes, for days you don’t really have the time to play it up with the eyeshadow or contouring.

Wine Red (Matte)

What is the difference between a wine and dark red lip? A wine lipstick is actually maroon in colour, and carries a tinge of purple. A wine red lip displays an aura of maturity, and is great for days when you need a little confidence boost.

3. Fuchsia (Matte)

This might sound a little risky, but the contrast you get from pairing fuchsia with even brighter coloured clothes actually helps your lips stand out even more, and bring a healthy glow to your complexion.


4. Dark Peach (Matte)

This dark peach lip is great for those who think the typical nude lip is too boring. It is also perfect for those who recently returned from a beach holiday, and find that their go-to nude lipstick no longer matches.

5. Neon Pink (Matte)

This colour is probably not wearable if you work in a corporate environment, but it’s still on the list because it’s a gorgeous shade if you have pale skin, and wants to make your lips look more prominent. Plus point: it almost goes with every colour in your wardrobe!

6. Deep Purple (Matte)

Again, this colour is probably more suitable if you work in the creative field. This deep purple oozes authority and femininity, and would complement a black shift dress perfectly.

7. Dark Ombre Lips (Matte)

For those who feel their lips look a little flat, and would appreciate a little contouring, try an ombre shade to give an illusion of depth and curves.

8. Pale Ombre Lips (Matte)

Likewise, for those that want a perk-me-up on the lips for a lighter shade, try a pale ombre. What this goes best with: lighter, more neutral coloured clothes to make your lips pop! Also try to go light on everything else on your face; too many colours on your face might make the overall look appear too messy.

9. Pearlescent Pink (Glossy)

A classic; you can’t go wrong with this one!

10. Fuschia (Glossy)

For those who don’t like piling on the layers to get an opaque color, try colours that combine a lipstick and lipgloss. A glossy, sheer fuschia shows the perky, adventurous side to you without being too loud.


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