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Chinese New Year is that one period in the year you won’t receive weird looks when you wear a cheongsam – so go on and flaunt it! Cheongsams tend to make you look more dressed up than your usual outfits, so make sure your makeup also looks on point for the entire getup to come together. If you haven’t thought about your Chinese New Year cheongsam makeup look yet, here are some ideas:

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1. Run with the colour theme

If your cheongsam has an obvious main colour, include this colour in your makeup. In the case of this cheongsam with blue motifs, consider blue eye makeup – wear it as an eyeshadow or if you prefer simplicity, blue eyeliner can be a great option.



blue eyeliner


2. Add a pop of colour

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If your cheongsam is in a darker shade, pick vibrant colours for your makeup to jazz it up. You can’t go wrong with red lips. Find the right shade of red for your lips from our guide.

The look of spring

Wearing something understated? Get creative with your makeup! Don’t shy away from colours like orange, purple, green and pink, which will make your overall getup look a lot more vibrant.

spring makeup

If you need more ideas, watch this tutorial.

pastel makeup

Have you decided which idea you’ll be adopting?

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