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We’ll say this straight out: we think getting inked is a pretty serious commitment to yourself, much less if it’s a matching tattoo with your best friend or partner. Tattoos never fade. Even with laser treatments (which can be more painful than the actual tattooing itself!), they almost never go away.

But, hey, if you’ve found your one true soulmate, here are some cool matching tattoos you can consider getting yourselves as Valentine’s Day gifts this year. We have picked some chic and understated ones that you won’t feel embarrassed sporting. Trust us, these are way cooler than matching couple tees.

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For the Mister and Missus

You are the Yin to my Yang

To those who believe in creating magic

Cross my heart

You make my heart skip a beat

You are my missing piece

To finding each other again

After all these years, you still do make my heart flutter

To infinity and beyond!

You know what they said about common interests…

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