3 basic tricks to mixing and matching nail colours, even if you don’t have pro nail art skills

We may not all be skilful nail artists who can create intricate designs, but it doesn’t mean we can’t spice things up in the nail department. Simply painting all our nails in the same colour can be very boring. Consider painting your nails in different colours to jazz the look up instead – nope, no freehand design required.

Even if you think you’re the least artistic person you know, these three foolproof tricks are going to put an end to the boring manicure rut you’re going through, and make you look like a nail guru.

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1. Love nude nails? Try mixing pinks in!


Nude nails look flattering on everyone and are great for all occasions. But they can look a little bland and flat. Upgrade this look by adding in shades of pastel pink (not fuchsia or bright pink) in the mix. Here are a few other looks to inspire you:


2. Forget about all-grey nails. Upgrade the look with green or blue!


We love grey nails because of the cool vibe they give off. Pair your favourite greys with shades of blues and greens – they look great together! Get creative with them and you can achieve an intriguing look without any complicated design or the need for wicked freehand drawing skills! Here are more of this combo to inspire you with:


3. When in doubt, add glitter to an accent nail


If all things fail, just add glitter! This is our favourite trick because it makes the nail look seems more glamorous, and is super easy to do.

Keep the glitter on no more than two nails to keep attention on the colour. Here are more ideas for you:


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