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Most people think that you need long nails in order to achieve beautiful and eye-catching nail looks, but we all know how cumbersome keeping long nails can be. Not only are they a pain to maintain, long nails also mean disruptive sounds on a keyboard and are the optimum breeding ground for germs and dust.

Want to have your short nails looking all pretty? You’re on the right article. Chic and fun nail designs aren’t just reserved for long nails, and here are some examples to prove it:

1. Pretty in red


This classy nail look may first strike you as something you would only wear during the Christmas season, but hey – who doesn’t like to be reminded of the holiday spirit from time to time?

2. Royal blue, with a little twist


Simple but eye-catching, this nail look is perfect for those of you who prefer doing your own nails. The thin gold stripes add the perfect little accents, especially against the striking royal blue.

3. Winter wonderland


We may not experience winter in Singapore, but you sure can compensate for it with this winter-inspired nail look. It’s simple to recreate and will probably make you feel like a pretty snow queen when you’re done.

4. Crazy for geometry


Don’t worry, this nail look doesn’t require any math skills at all – thankfully. The little pops of gold in this otherwise all-matte look are the perfect little touches, making this look extra pretty.

5. Feminine pink


This playoff on the classic French manicure is an amazing way of taking advantage of your short nails, as this look definitely won’t look as good on long nails as it does on shorter nails.

6. Glossy black

SourceIf you want a simple but classy nail look, this is the design for you. Just remember to add a glossy top coat, and all your friends will be swooning over your nails in no time.

7. Black n white

Ever heard of negative space? Well, this nail look is the epitome of it. This fun nail design is bound to attract the stares of many, and you’ll feel 10 times cooler with nails looking like this.

 8. Delicate floral

>Who said you can only do intricate nail designs on long nails? Well, this floral nail design proves that complex designs can be done on shorter nails as well!

9. Black against soft pink


The strong black polish used for the intricate design serves as the perfect contrast to the soft pink base in this nail look. Not too dainty and not too strong, you couldn’t hate this nail look even if you tried.

10. Mad for matte


If the matte trend is getting a little too boring for you, simply spice up your nail look with jewels and gold stripes like the ones in the picture – they could never go wrong!

11. A little sparkle

A little sparkle never harmed anyone – simply add the perfect little amount of glitter polish to the bottom of your soft pink or white nails and they’ll start looking way more exciting!

12. Delicate lavender


If you’re a big fan of pastel colours, you’re bound to love this nail look. This soft purple nail look accented with silver detailing is not too complicated but still looks beautiful, especially on short nails.