The smoky eyes look is typically a red carpet favourite among Hollywood celebrities. And we’re not surprised, because this look, when done right, is sultry and glamorous.

However, what caught our eyes (no pun intended!) at the Oscars 2013 ceremony and pre-award party is how celebs are rocking eye makeup that features a surprising pop of bright colour.

amanda seyfried ginnifer goodwin kate beckinsale oscars makeup

(Above, from left) Amanda Seyfried, Ginnifer Goodwin and Kate Beckinsale introduced vibrant colours to their eye makeup, and it’s interesting how they’re all done differently – though, all equally gorgeous.

Let’s take a closer look at their eye makeup:
oscars 2013 pop of eyeshadow colour amanda seyfried ginnifer goodwin kate beckinsale

Amanda Seyfried uses a dark purple eyeshadow to highlight the lilac eye makeup. The darker shade is winged out at the outer corners of the eyes, like you would have done to achieve the cat eye look. Unlike the cat eye look that uses black eyeliner, this rendition still retains the sexiness of the cat-eye shape, while adding a touch of elegance because of the soft colours.

Ginnifer Goodwin experimented with a touch of electric blue shade at the inner corners of the eyes, at the upper eyelid, just below the crease. When paired with brown and black eye makeup, the blue gives a peek-a-boo effect, in a cheeky yet pretty way.

Kate Beckinsale carried off a hint of yellow at the inner corners of the eyes, along the lower lashline – almost like a mirror of what Ginnifer did. This pop of colour draws light to the eyes to create the appearance of energetic, well-rested peepers. Many of us may be familiar with adding white eyeshadow or eyeliner at the corner of our eyes – we say, why not swap it with yellow, like Kate did!

Who do you think has the best eye makeup at the Oscars 2013 ceremony and parties? Tell us!

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