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When we were younger, a rainbow represented  promise and the end of it was where the leprechaun kept his pot of gold. But now, a rainbow is what our favourite Nyan Cat leaves behind as it zips through space happily. And it’s also one of the coolest Snapchat lenses (Find out how you can recreate it in real life here!). Whether you’re still looking for Halloween-spiration or just want to be rainbow-happy, check out these seven rainbow looks we love.

1. Rainbow hair

Unicorns are majestic creatures, especially those with thick and luscious rainbow manes… Which we can actually have. Unfortunately, it might be a little challenging for some of us to get such a permanent dye job done. But fret not! We have our handy dandy coloured chalks. With some water and the help of a hair dryer, and you will be as pretty as a unicorn in no time.


Get the tutorial here.

2. Rainbow eyes

If you have an event coming up and want really bold makeup, why not try having mesmerising rainbow-fied eyes? Before you brush the rainbow onto your eyelids, make sure you do a white base first. This way, the colours will really show. Tip: The colours you used on both eyes need not be the same. Go wild and have fun!


Get the tutorial here.

3. Rainbow eye liner

But if it’s your first time, a full-on rainbow eye makeup can seem really daunting. Start easy first with a rainbow eyeliner on top of a black one. This isn’t too bold, but it’s most certainly a twist from your usual look. Use a small, angled eye shadow brush to apply the colours for more precision.


Get the tutorial here.

4. Rainbow lips

Another way to add a party to your makeup look is to paint a rainbow on your lips. Before you start splashing on the colours, apply a white base or some foundation first to conceal the redness of your lips. Once you’re done with your rainbow, smack your lips to blend the colours. Add some gloss if you want your rainbow lips to glisten under the lights.


Get the tutorial here.

5. Rainbow nails

We can also have rainbows on our finger tips. This Rainbow Quartet Chrome requires a metallic silver base nail polish and 4 of your favourite colours. Brush them onto a rectangular sponge at each corner and dab gently onto your nails. Clean the sides carefully with a Q-tip soaked in nail polish remover and apply your top coat.


Get the tutorial here.

6. Rainbow French Tips

For those who want rainbow nails that are more understated, these classy rainbow French tips will be right up your alley. Tip: These rainbows look prettier on oval-shaped nails.


Get the tutorial here.

7. Rainbow tattoos

Last but not least, for those who need or want a rainbow permanently in their lives, take a look at these whimsical tattoos by Korean tattoo artist, Seoeon.


Check out other works done by Seoeon here.

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