Red is often the go-to hair colour for most when Lunar New Year is around the corner, but here’s the thing – red hair is actually super flattering on Asian skin tone and is versatile enough to be worn the whole year ’round… if you get it right, of course.

Ahead, we rounded up the five red hair colours that are highly suitable for Asian skin tones – yep, these won’t make your skin appear even more yellow – plus the corresponding #hairinspo from your favourite Korean and Japanese celebrities that’ll show you red isn’t that hard a colour to pull off at all.

Just bring this hair colour guide along with you to show it to your hairstylist in your next salon visit!

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Purple-red brown

We’re kicking off this list with something gentle and low-key that somewhat reminds us of purple rice dumplings. Make like Park Shin-hye and Li Si Young, and add purple or berry tones to your brown-coloured hair – and voila!

Maple red

This hue has been spotted on every trending Korean idol – Lee Dong Wook and Han So Hee included – and for good reason. The maple syrup-like shade not only looks fresh but also requires little to no bleaching – it’s a win-win situation!

Rosy red

This passionate red tint is definitely not for the faint-hearted but if work allows you to sport such a vibrant shade on your crowning glory, we definitely recommend you to go for it!

What’s great about this colour is that it appears orangey-red under the sun but looks like an alluringly sexy dark red when the lights are out.

Another reason why this colour is a must-dye? You can also tone it down with shades of brown for a less OTT result.


Warm Bambi red-brown

Among all the red hues, warm red-brown is definitely the most popular.

The reason? It’s a hair colour that looks incredibly soft and gentle, which is probably why many Japanese women, models, and actresses fall back to this colour most of the time.

Red highlight skirts

If you still don’t have the courage to dye your entire head red, fret not – this skirt-style highlighting trend that started becoming popular last year may just be the right one for you.

With this style, red can be added to the original brown hair colour at the ends of your hair to achieve a unique look that still looks natural and not overwhelming.