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Red is everywhere during the Chinese New year. With red clothes, red shoes, red packets, red decorations – it’s fair to say that this particular festivity is borderline obsessed with the colour, but that’s only because we want all the happiness and good luck we can imbibe for the new year!

Wearing red as makeup signifies something more. It is an expression of self-empowerment and vivacity that simply can’t be ignored. So, naturally, wearing red makeup in Chinese New Year says about us that we are poised to pursue happiness and harness fate. Whether you’re a makeup newbie or veteran, you’re going to be able to slay wearing red makeup this Chinese New Year. Check out these five looks for inspiration!

1. Wear “nothing” but a red lip

Challenge level: Beginner

Nothing screams confidence louder than going bare-faced with a red lip. It’s the no-makeup makeup look with a gush of red in the lips – a concentrated force of sexiness and allure.

Keep the rest of your makeup bare with just a sheen of base and highlights, and coat on your favourite red lip colour – any shade from cherry red to orange-red to wine red would look festive, as well as complement our Asian skin tone.

2. Look naturally flushed

Challenge level: Beginner

If you want to look naturally vibrant and flushed for the festive season, go for tints of red in the cheeks and lips. This look encapsulates freshness and spirit, which spells perfection for a Chinese New Year look.

A lip tint or stain that can also be used for the cheeks is all you need to create a flushed effect! Just keep the rest of your makeup simple; dot on and dab out red lip stain on your lips and cheeks to look sun-kissed and excited for Chinese New Year.

3. Metallic red cheeks

Challenge level: Intermediate

Plain red blush may make us look more demure and vulnerable than we would like, but with subtle metallic shimmer on the the apples of our cheeks, it’s an instant upgrade from princess to warrior princess ready to fight for our dreams this new year.

Apply a good amount of highlighter over the red blush on your cheeks or simply use a metallic red blush. Choosing a bright shade of red that’s a tint orangey is good because that would make you look full of zest for life!

4. Wing that bright red eyeliner

Challenge level: Intermediate to Expert

Move over, boring black eyeliners, and make way for bright red! A thick line of red winged at the end may sound like an anomaly, even if it’s Chinese New Year, but it gives the eyes a strong, powerful appeal.

Choose a shade of red that is luminous or fluorescent, like a bright fiery red. It brightens up the eyes to a whole other level, emitting new energy and warmth. Red winged ends add an undeniably oriental vibe to your visage. Choose a shiny texture and line it thick and you’re bound to command the attention of the entire celebration venue.  

DV Tip: If you find red eyeliner too intimidating to wear, consider lining it closely on top of your regular black eyeliner, just like what you see in the image above.

5. Glossy red eyelids

Challenge level: Expert

Wearing pure red over your eyelids can make you look like Lee Young-Ae in Sympathy for Lady Vengeance and that couldn’t be more disastrous for Chinese New Year. The liquid shine of the gloss, however, softens the pigmentation of the red and gives it an ethereal glow. Because we want to look spirited, but also kind-hearted for the festive season.

The trick is to use a softer shade of red so that the shine from the gloss wouldn’t look too intense. Blending the red eyeshadow out along the crease of your eye is also important for it to look more natural and less stark.

DV Tip: If you find it too difficult to pull off the glossy eyelids look, consider topping red eyeshadow with glitter to channel a festive vibe.

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