Typically, runway makeup looks are artistic and avant-garde, and they’re not meant for the everyday look one might want to go for. At least that was my impression when my editor first assigned me this article, daring me to give the latest runway looks a shot on myself.

While doing my research I did find some runway makeup trends that were more appropriate for everyday wear – like peach/coral eyeshadows, and dewy skin. But what’s a dare without going for a real challenge, right? Instead of going for the safer looks, I picked three of the more “out there” runway looks of the season to recreate. I have to say that they aren’t as hard as I thought it would be to replicate, so you can try it out for yourself if you are interested!


1 . The Floating Eyeliner


This look will give you the look of a deeper crease – something like the cut-crease technique. Although it looks pretty normal when my eyes are open, it might look a little weird when the eyes are closed or when I’m looking down. It’s essentially just a line right on, or above, your natural crease.

2 . The Black Cat Eye Eyeshadow

This was really easy to do, and really fun too! It actually looked really chic. Not really for an everyday look, but it will be great for a themed party, or if you’re feeling adventurous for a girls’ night out. It would look much more put together with some kohl liner, tons of mascara or even falsies!

3 . Graphic Eyeliner


And through this picture, you can tell why I’m not a model. It’s also why some of these looks are only created for the runway! I didn’t have any blue pencil liners, or eyeshadow so I improvised by using purple. The shape of this “eyeliner” and the colours I used made it look like a brinjal- NOT CUTE. I definitely won’t wear this out, not even to a party!