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Who says you have to compromise beautiful nails for practicality?

Short nails often get the unfair reputation of being the less beautiful sister of the ultra-trendy long nails that everyone on our feeds seem to sport, but that is not necessarily true! Whether you’re a chronic nail biter, have brittle nails that just refuses to grow, or sport short nails as a preference or for practical reasons, we have the perfect look for you below to nail that Instagram post and become part of the nail envy club, sans the trouble of long, claw-like nails.

Multicolored nails

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? ? ? You know everyone wants this under the tree.

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Doesn’t this adorable trend remind you of marble chocolate and candy? Choose muted colors like stone grey, pastel pink and white for a elegant look with a twist, or show off your big personality with neon colors like lime green and orange.

French manicures

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A different kind of French offered at

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Unfortunately, some of us may not be able to be as adventurous with our nails because of work, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Try an unexpected color like black or even glitter polishes as the accent color for a more interesting take on work-appropriate nails.

Colour accented nails

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Glitter moons up close and personal ✨

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?Nails of Crosby Street // Volume 25 Kristin McNamara @KristinMcNamara, Senior Social Media Editor @PageSix 1. What inspired your manicure? Summer vibes! I always get nudes or light pinks on my nails (so boring), but wanted to step outside of my comfort zone in the spirit of warm weather adventure?. 2. How did you pick your color combo? These two colors are a Paintbox #PowerCouple duo. I can't take credit for pairing them. They are perfect together! 3. In one word, how does your mani make you feel? Whimsical. 4. Favorite Crosby Street store? Not technically a store, but I really love The Crosby Street Hotel. Specifically the sitting room in the lobby. And of course, all the dog decor. 5. Three things you're obsessed with right now? My engagement ring (it's new lol), @thewhisperingangel rosé and "Pose" (TV show).

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This is one of the many looks that look better on short nails than on long: try another accent color at the bottom of your nails for an elongated look.

Nature inspired nails

Whether you’re a sucker for cute, graphic nails or something more sophisticated and chic, nature is the answer! Whether it is adorable tiny fruits meticulously painted on your digits or marble and terrazzo patterned nails, we guarantee you (and your friends) won’t be able to take your eyes off them.

Bedazzled nails

If you want an edgier look, try jewels or tiny chains that can be glued to your nails for extra bling.

Ombrè nails

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? Cherry Velvet Fade ?

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Combination of #chrome and #ombrenails

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We know ombrè everything was the Tumblr phase we’ve been over with for years, but these ombrè nails are really convincing us otherwise…

Geometric shapes

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Try this look that can be transformed from cute-sy, with hearts and stars, to über chic, with tiny rectangles sketched on with gold paint – no math involved.

Cartoon nails

Fans rejoice, here are some animation favourites to inspire you for your next salon appointment.

Floral and lace nails

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? F A L L ? F L O R A L S ? @rosemodes

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For the romantic at heart or the bride-to-be (maybe both), here’s the perfect look for you to try out!

Minimalist nails

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Joanna wearing #drybynails #nude by Lisa @drybylondon

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More minimal options with black dots ⚫️

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If you believe that less is more, but still want an interesting touch to your manicure, choose one of these trending dotted nail patterns that have been spotted on countless celebrities.

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