Solange Knowles may have been caught attacking brother-in-law Jay-Z for unknown reason, but the media frenzy over this incident hasn’t hurt the siblings’ relationship – Beyonce still plays an important role at Solange’s wedding late last year.

But in this feature, we pit celebrity siblings against each other on a friendly competition: who has a better style when it comes to hair and makeup.

Elizabeth Olsen vs. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

olsen sisters

The younger Olsen gets more screen time these days, although her elder siblings get an earlier head start. Appearing as the Scarlet Witch in the Avengers, Elizabeth Olsen’s career looks glorious, as rumours are are rife that the character may be getting her own movie.


Elizabeth Olsen is clearly more of a chameleon when it comes to her hairstyle and makeup. While she tries different looks, she keeps to a general style of classic and sleek – something that she wouldn’t regret when she looks at her old photos decades later.


The Olsen twins, on the other hand, stuck to boho-chic style for a long time and then prefer understated barely-there makeup and flat hair, thereafter. We don’t think either styles are particularly flattering.

Verdict: Elizabeth Olsen wins.

Beyonce vs. Solange Knowles

beyonce and solange

Beyonce’s A-list superstar status cannot be shaken, and Solange refuses to hide in her sister’s shadows; Solange carves out her niche in being a fashion icon and venturing into business.


Beyonce goes for Hollywood charming, classic styles and looks great effortlessly, partly because of her beautiful features.


Solange, just like her sister, has a penchant for trying out different lip colours, but we love that she manage to work her rebellious tresses well, and just look at that gorgeous eye makeup in picture #2!

Verdict: Solange wins. But it was close.

Dakota Fanning vs. Elle Fanning

elle and dakota fanning

Both debuted as children, but Dakota Fanning has always been in more leading roles; Dakota Fanning was nominated a Screen Actors Guild Award at age eight in 2002, for her role in I Am Sam, making her the youngest nominee ever for the award. She also won several other awards with this role. Elle was also in the movie – playing the younger version of her sister. But Elle has come a long way and achieved accolades in her own rights. Her role as Aurora in Maleficent (starring Angelina Jolie), for instance, won her several popularity awards.


Dakota often channels the ethereal goddess in her red carpet look, but we are pleasantly surprised by the gorgeous graphic eyeliner style she wore to the Met Gala 2013 in picture #3.


For Elle, we see a recurring style: understated, barely-there makeup, accentuated with a bright eyeliner. It’s a foolproof style that looks stylish and cute, but it makes her look like a one-trick pony.

Verdict: Dakota wins.

What’s your verdict?