If you are not familiar with who or what a Khaleesi is, where have you been?


Daenarys Targaryen is a character from the hit TV show adapted from a fantasy novel series, Game of Thrones – and she is the Khaleesi.  Khaleesi in the Dothraki language means ‘queen’. Dothraki is a fictional language created by the author, George R. R. Martin. But we digress (clearly, one of the Daily Vanity writers is somewhat obsessed with the book and the show, ehem.)

Daenarys Inspired Hair_Featured

Daenarys, or Dany for short, is always sported with a complicated-looking hair braid. Her long silver hair is braided in such a way that while it looks neat, it also has that messy effortless look. Perhaps we will not be able to replicate her silver hair (unless you are willing to bleach your hair over and over), but we can always replicate her braids.

They look extremely complicated and we know you’re sitting there looking at the image and be like, “This is going to take me three hours to achieve!” But fret not, here are a six Dany inspired hair braids that you can do. They’re simpler, but they essentially still give you the look of a Khaleesi.

1. Fishtail Braid



We’ve mentioned this in our Easy Hairstyles for Each Day of the Week article. So if you’ve been practicing the fishtail braid since, this hairstyle shouldn’t be a problem! If you’re still not sure how to do a fishtail braid, you can go ahead to our article where there’s a step by step video tutorial on how you can achieve it.

2. Nested Side Braid



This is essentially creating a small braid and incorporating that in the main braid. Watch this video for the tutorial:

3. Lace Braid



If you’re familiar with doing a french braid, this is almost the same thing, but you only add new hair from one side (top part), unlike a french braid where you add new hair on both sides of the braid. Here’s a video for your reference:

4. Braid Twist



This looks extremely intricate, but it’s actually really easy! You just need to do standard braiding!

(FYI, she named it as a lace braid but the real lace braid is #3).

5. Half Crown Braid




1. Grab a section of hair from one side of your head and do a simple three-strand braid.
2. Tie it up and leave it
3. Repeat the same steps on the other side
4. Take one braid and bring it across the back of your head and pin it using a bobby pin
5. Repeat again with the other braid
6. Manipulate the placements of the braids so that it will hide the rubber bands and bobby pins

6. Side Fishtail Braids Pin Back



This is a variation of the half crown braid. While the half crown braid is done by doing the standard three-strand braid, this one requires you to do two fishtail braids on each side of your head and connecting them at the back. You can choose to just tie them together with a rubber band, or go the extra mile and wrap a bit more hair around the rubber band to cover it – like what is shown in the picture.