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South Korea has long been the epicentre of nail art trends. From aurora nails to smiley faces and even shattered glass, the manicurists there have been offering up some of the most innovative and mesmerising designs we’ve ever seen.

The latest of such is the smudged gradient manicure that has been spotted on Korean celebrities like BLACKPINK’s Jennie Kim and Mamamoo’s Hwasa.

Resembling 2015’s marble nails, this trend differs in that the marble design appears to be gradually spreading out, creating an almost three-dimensional watercolour effect on your nails.

With the plethora of Korean nail art photos circulating online, we’ve rounded up the best takes on this trend below. Get ready to screenshot some of these amazing looks and bring them to your next nail appointment.

1. Solid colour

This design includes mixing similar colours that are of low saturation to give the nails more depth. Trendy colours you can consider are muted jewel tones like greyish purple, forest green, sangria red, mauve pink, or hazy blue.

Source: @by_soan

korean smudged gradient nail solid 4

Source: @by_soan

2. Two-tone colour

Instead of just having a single colour, why not experiment with several shades by adding a palette of bright, vibrant colours on your nails?

Source: @yi.seulllll

If these colours are too bright for you, you can also try pastel shades like a wash of lemon yellow, shell pink, or powder blue.

Source: @nala_choi

3. Foil and glitter

If you want a little more glam, try adding subtle hints of gold or silver foil and glitter on top of the smudged gradient design to show off your trendy nails. This gives your nails that iridescent finish without looking too exaggerated.

korean smudged gradient nail foil and glitter 2

Source: @naillee.sg

korean smudged gradient nail foil and glitter 3

Source: @unninail

4. Unique embellishments

Lastly, to amp up your manicure game and have nails that are the talk of the town, you can try out several unique and chic designs below. Add on three-dimensional effects, water droplets, smiley faces, or even cute animals on the nails.

Source: @ddowa_nail

korean smudged gradient embellishments 2

Source: @unninail

korean smudged gradient embellishments 3

Source: @unninail

Source: @naillee.sg

Source: @by_soan

Source for header image: @unninail