The ponytail is probably the most basic hairstyle that everyone is capable of doing. If you already know how to do a ponytail, then you can absolutely work from that and elevate the look. These step-by-step tutorials are going to inspire you to update the regular ponytail look to something that looks more chic.

1. Vintage ponytail

vintage ponytail tutorial


Back-combing helps give you more volume at the crown, and if you want to, you can curl your hair for a more romantic look.

2. Sleek ponytail



This is super simple to pull off. All you need is hairspray and three elastic bands.

3. Bubble ponytail



Just like the previous example, adding on more elastic bands can give your ponytail a different look. This one creates “bubbles” along the ponytail.

4. Voluminous bubble ponytail

voluminous bubble ponytail


Throw in some back-combing and a pretty hairband, you will be able to give the same bubble ponytail a more glamorous touch.

5. Side ponytail



Depending on the hair accessory you use, this can go from cheeky to glamorous. Curling is only necessary if you want to add volume to your hair.

6. Romantic side ponytail

pretty ponytail


Using the twisting method, you can convert your side ponytail into something that’s even more charming.

7. Braid around ponytail

fancy ponytail tutorial


If you know how to do a ponytail and how to do a simple braid, you can do this.

8. Knotted ponytail

knotted ponytail 2

Instead of fastening your elastic band around your hair directly, do a knot or two to create loops. Here’s a tutorial to show you how exactly:

9. Knotted side ponytail

knotted ponytail


You can do the same to a side ponytail.

10. Chic low ponytail

low ponytail

Use the “weaving” method to update a low ponytail.