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Most of us have toyed with the idea of having a tattoo, but being permanently-inked seems a huge commitment. Some make do with relatively cheap sticker tattoos that fade within a few days, or head down to their nearest henna artist for some body art that would last two weeks at best.

What if we told you there is a way to “ink” yourself for a few months, without costing you anything?

sunburn art


The latest trend that has taken the internet by storm is “sunburn tattoos”. Here are some of the hottest ones that we saw. But an important word of caution first: Sun-tanning has detrimental effects on your skin!

1. Unleash the superhero in you

batman sunburn tattoo


You could relive your childhood dreams, and the possibilities are endless! Anyone up to the task of protecting Gotham City?

2. Sunshine girl

sun sunburn tattoo


Show your love for the sun with the imprint of one on your back.

3. Flower power

sunburn art hibiscus


You don’t always have to wear a flower in your hair at the beach; you can wear one on your back.

4. Go with a bang



Gun laws can’t stop you from this.

5. Get artistic

mona lisa sunburn tattoo


It’s not called sunburn art for nothing.