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Trend alert! The one nail look that doesn’t seem to be passé any time soon: nude nails. Spotted numerous times on the runway shows for Spring 2016, nude nails are definitely here to stay and the best part is, they look good on anyone. Take your nude nails game from boring to beautiful with these 8 inspirations we have curated. Click to the next page to see them!

Nude - Texturised!

1. Texturise it!

Matte top coat is the game changer of the nail world. Consider playing contrasts with matte finishes or complete matte nude nail looks with a glitter accent to make it stand out even more.


nude rose gold french tip

2. A Feminine Touch

Everyone knows the French Manicure – a neutral shade on the nail with a white tip – classic and polished. To bring it to the next level, we are recommend a twist on this classic look. Instead of your usual white tip, try colours like rose gold (symbolises love, perfect for a date!), or neon colours for a youthful touch!


nude rhinestones

3. Bling it on

2009 was the year where everyone was sticking little rhinestones to embellish every accessory. Although this trend has died down, it is still very much alive in the nail art industry. This rhinestones help to make the nude nail look more three-dimensional, and give it more character. Head down to any DIY stores to buy rhinestone stickers and you can achieve this look at home!


nude subtle

4. Fairy dust’em

This is the two-dimensional version of a rhinestone sticker. Perfect for sporty girls who still wants to update their nude nails without constantly worrying if the stickers have fallen off. Glitter nail polish comes in many colours, so don’t be afraid to try them out for different looks! Silver glitter gives nude nails a classy look while gold glitter will give it a “wow” factor.


nude black liner

5. Cat eyes for your nails

One of the colouring techniques we learnt when we were young was to go over the outline of the picture in a darker shade than its body. Who knows such techniques can look so aesthetically-pleasing on nails as well! Remember to keep the line thin for it to scream classy and chic, instead of messy.


nude with flower

6. Doodle

Nude shades make the best colour to complement any nail art due to their neutral tone. To give your nails that pop of colour, use vibrant colours and doodle away. If you don’t have thin nail art brushes, toothpicks are a great alternative to use to create your masterpiece!


nail decal edited.001

7. “Cheat” with nail decals

For quick and fuss free “doodles”, simply use this fool-proof method: nail decals. They are super easy to use and comes in many designs! Usually found at our pasar malams or from Taobao, they sell at cheap prices of about 5 for $10. Stick them on after your base colour has dried (without the top coat) and then apply a layer of top coat to seal them.


shattered glass

8. The shattered glass look

To achieve this look, head down to any stationery store and purchase a rainbow opalescent ribbon. Cut them up into small chunky strips and put them onto the yet to dry nude nails (because they are still sticky) and wait for them to dry. Seal this artwork with another layer of top coat.