Cat-eye liner, geometric eyeliner, coloured eyeliner… the play with eyeliner has a designers’ favourite on the runway. For Spring 2013, tight-lining – that’s the application of eyeliner closely on the upper lashline and on the water line – appears to have won the favour of designers. This technique is great for making smoky eyes more mesmerising and when used alone without any eyeshadow, it gives the illusion of lush lashes and brighter eyes.

A technique that can add drama and enhance natural beauty? Daily Vanity endorses!

spring 2013 runway tightlining

From left: Robert Cavalli, BCBG, Chanel

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  • Use gel eyeliner. Pencil eyeliners are usually not dark enough to get the effect you like, and liquid eyeliner can get too messy. Apply using a good gel eyeliner brush.
  • Do tight-lining first before the rest of your eye makeup to make sure the overall look is clean.
  • Most people tug at their eyelids to line their lash line. If you’re afraid of pulling at your eyelids and thus causing fine lines in the long run, try tilting your head backwards so you can see your lashline.

Tight-lining tutorial

Watch this tutorial to have a better idea on how it’s done: