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2014 is coming to an end and we need to be prepared for what 2015 has in store for us. Don’t panic – we’re here to equip you with the makeup trends you need to welcome 2015 with a bang (and a gorgeous makeup look for that New Year’s Eve Party). Here are the top 10 makeup trends for 2015!

1. Plum It Up

Many runway shows have their models clad in plum elements in their look with very minimal makeup on the rest of the face.Plum 2015


Take a leaf from the runway’s book and play around with a plum lip colour for the new year. It may look a little scary at first, but pair it with a neutral eye makeup and you’ll glam up your look effortlessly.

2015 Makeup Trends_plum eyes


If eyeshadow application is intimidating for you, try the look as seen in this picture. Using just one eyeshadow colour (it’s plum, by the way), simply dab it onto your eyelids and blend away. Add on some eyeliner and mascara and you’re done! This look is great for a party, and is not so much an office look.

2. Beauty’s In The Eye(liner) Of The Beholder

Obviously, nobody’s over the eyeliner trend yet. And we’re glad because it can be so fun! Eyeliner can change up a look very easily. Here are a couple of different eyeliner styles you might want to try that’s on trend for 2015:


2015 Makeup Trends_Graphic liner


If you’re experimental, this is for you. We love how futuristic it can look, and draw the attention to your eyes immediately.

Winged Liner

2015 Makeup Trends_cat eye liner


The cat eye winged liner is a standard eyeliner look loved by many. It elongates the shape of the eyes and makes the eyes look sultry and sexy. Don’t be afraid to attempt this eyeliner look! If you’re afraid you might end up looking like a hot mess, you can refer to our article on beauty hacks to find out how you can draw winged eyeliner easily, and evenly.

Fine Liner

2015 makeup trends_fine eyeliner

The fine liner look is slightly easier than the winged and graphic liner ones. All you have to do is trace along the top lash line and bottom lash line with your felt tip or liquid liner. If you want to recreate the look in the picture, we suggest you use a felt tip eyeliner (for the bottom lash line) and be very careful not to poke your eye!

3. In Glowing Terms

2015 makeup trends_glowy skin


Glowy skin is synonymous with healthy skin. No wonder it’s what makeup artists want to achieve on the runway models. This effect can be achieved by using highlighter and dusting it on the highest points of the face, such as the top of your cheekbones.

4. Roll Out The Red (Lips) Carpet

2015 makeup trends_red lips


There’s just something about red lips that screams sophistication and sexiness. For a ore wearable look, pair bold red lips with understated makeup on the rest of the face.

5. Au Naturale

2015 makeup trends_au naturale


Many people think it’s an irony to have a “no makeup” makeup look. But really, this trend is all about enhancing your natural beauty and not caking up the face with layers and layers of makeup. Use a product that will even out your skin tone, a blush for that rosy glow and a little bit of mascara if you like. Voila! A “no makeup” makeup look for you.

6. Feel The Blues

2015 makeup trends_blue eyeshadow eyeliner


Blue is back in trend – particularly for the eyes. Many associate blue as a colour that is reminiscent of getting punched in the face or that it’s outdated But if you pick the right blue tones, and consider products like blue eyeliner and mascara, the overall makeup can end up looking very haute couture.

7. Lilac For The Eyes

2015 makeup trends_lilac


If you didn’t know, lilac (and purples in general) bring out brown eyes – the eye colour that most Asians have. So we can really use this to our advantage. Just like the previous trend, it’s not restricted to just lilac eyeshadow on the eyelids. Consider buffing or lining your lower lash line with lilac eyeshadow or eyeliner for a soft, romantic look.

8. Crazy Lashes

2015 makeup trends_lashes


Lashes, lashes and more lashes in 2015! Most runway shows for Spring/Summer 2015 are bringing back the big-eyed twiggy look, which includes adding bold falsies to the lower lash line as well. For a more wearable look, skip the lower falsies, and simply brush on a few extra coats of mascara for both your upper and lower lashes than what you usually apply to turn on the drama.

9. It’s Turning Brown

2015 makeup trends_brown bronze


Brown and bronze are the easiest eyeshadow colours for us to get away with on an every day basis. As it is a neutral colour, you don’t need to worry about looking too over-the-top. Just sweep the colour all over your lid, add some eyeliner and mascara and you’re good to go!

10. Smokin’ Hot

2015 makeup trends_smokey


Products like eyeshadow sticks and cream eyeshadows help make smokey eyes more achievable (we’ve all experienced looking like a panda or racoon trying to perfect this look). The trick to this sultry trend is to start with a small amount of pigment, build on the intensity, and blend, blend, blend.

The 2015 makeup trends look pretty promising, and we hope our suggestions will make it easier for you to break out of your comfort zones and try them.

If you’ve tried any of the 2015 makeup trends and alter it to suit your own makeup style, be sure to share it with us by uploading it on Instagram, with the hash tag #2015makeupwithDV! (Follow us on instagram.com/DailyVanity!)